First savings system

in cryptocurrency

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Artificial Intelligence


Automated Machine Learning

& Blockchain technology

Token Features


Peculium is the revolutionary savings platform that seamlessly merges traditional savings economy with the cryptocurrency markets via the power of Automated Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AML-AI), Big data analytics, and the Smart-contracts over the Ethereum Blockchain.

Peculium is the bridge between the traditional economy and the new era of crypto-economy, reducing barriers, decreasing volatility, increasing confidence, and creating a mutually beneficial endeavor. Peculium is the door designed to achieve the best risk-benefit ratio for the crypto-investments whether you are an individual or an institution.

Rashid Oukhai
Founder & CEO

Token Features

Powerful Artificial Intelligence
Smart Contract: Automatic Swap
Peculium’s AIEVE is the first-ever Artificially intelligent trading engine developed for cryptocurrency markets.

AIEVE Back Testing

Saving platform

Peculium is the first saving platform for individuals, brokers, and financial institutions. Peculium trades on the cryptocurrency markets. Peculium brings the power of algorithmic trading to everyday users.


Peculium has raised € 8.1 million from a successful ICO. Peculium is supported by a committed community of thousands of individuals from all across the world. Peculium is already listed on multiple exchanges.


Pécule (PCL) means savings. PCL is the utility token on Peculium platform used to pay for the various products. These products take advantage of the artificial intelligence engine AIEVE.


The Peculium’s team is composed of 40 individuals, with various expertise coming from Blockchain technology and software development to quantitative finance and algorithmic trading.