The First Savings And Investment Platform For Cryptocurrency

Peculium’s goal is to allow anyone to invest and grow their hard-earned money safely for a long-term such as retirement investments, education funding or emergency fund.

Our moral lies in decreasing the burden of financial planning from the common man as far as possible and allow you to enjoy the present with your family and loved ones.

Our aim is not only challenging the status quo of savings and investment practices, but also revolutionizing the transparency, flexibility, and ease via greatly convenience of user input and implementation of advanced technological strides behind the curtains.

Peculium expertise is advanced by the most innovative technologies: Artificial intelligence, Blockchain Technology, BIG DATA analytics, and Crypto savings system.

As we believe in a transparent and equal share of savings, we have developed the first Artificial Intelligence Engine on the blockchain named AIEVE, which stands for Artificial intelligence, Ethics, Value, and Equilibrium.

Now with Peculium, you can save and build your bright future.

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Data has become the first asset of a company and by extension will become the first asset of an individual.

Rashid Oukhai
Founder & CEO



The first ever Artificial Intelligence tool highest based on Blockchain.

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but above all, a Project

Why Data? To answer this question, you need first of all few clues about my background. I am Rachid Oukhai, founder of Upsilon, Peculium (Data).


Peculium is the first savings platform for individuals, brokers, and financial institutions. Peculium trades on the cryptocurrency markets. Peculium brings the power of algorithmic trading to everyday users.


Peculium has raised € 8.1 million from a successful ICO. Peculium is supported by a committed community of thousands of individuals from all across the world. Peculium is already listed on multiple exchanges.


Pécule (PCL) means savings. PCL is the utility token on Peculium platform used to pay for the various products. These products take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence engine AIEVE.


The team of Peculium is composed of 40 individuals, with a wide range of expertise from Blockchain technology and software development to quantitative finance and algorithmic trading.