April 9, 2018 Zander

PECULIUM Webinar – AIEVE’s Roadmap Presentation and Beta Showcase

Peculium hosts live webinars to keep its community up to date and informed with the latest news and events.


Webinar Replay:

If you’ve missed the webinar don’t feel left out! you can watch the replay here:

Join us as our Chief Data Officer, Abed Ajraou as he presents AIEVE’s showcase on April 15th, where he will talk about Peculium’s AI adviser’s product roadmap.

Additionally, you will get to see the current performance of AIEVE in its beta stage!

Peculium’s AIEVE is the first-ever Artificially Intelligent savings engine developed for cryptocurrency markets.

Currently, AIEVE is in the beta testing phase. Yet, at this time, AIEVE is able to predict crypto movements every minute. Providing you the most precise market estimates.

Furthermore, in the future AIEVE will be able to analyze data from crypto-markets, social media, news, and many other relevant sources.

Here at Peculiumwe believe in transparency as well as building trust.

Moreover, the Ethereum network allows complete transparency for smart contracts. Resulting in trust for a long-term relationship between the investors and Peculium.


Want to learn more about AIEVE?

If you can’t wait for April 15th, check out more infos at AIEVE.IO

In addition, you can also check out the last AIEVE Showcase on January 17th!

Don’t forget to tune in on April 15th,

and witness history in the making! 

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