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A Bag of Tools for Your Journey

To begin your search for the Secret Challenge I want to provide some useful tools, links and tips to guide you. These tools may be clues or paths that have yet to be fully explored. In order to guide you, I must again mention the need for research to properly prepare you and save you from unnecessary hassle when digging into the unknown.

To start off here are some official social media sites to keep in touch with Peculium, and the Secret Challenge.

Social Media:

– Website:

– Twitter:

– Reddit:

– Telegram Announcement-Channel:

– Main-Channel:

– French-Channel:

– German-Channel:

– Youtube:

– Medium:

– Github:

– Blog:

– Whitepaper:

(I encourage you to read the white paper and take a look at the Github)

Following are some links that are less common but may be useful.

Less common sites:

– Instagram

– Secret Challenge Telegram:

– Secret Challenge Wiki:

Clue Related Links:

– Quetzal:

– Volta:

– Tesla:

The following sites are great for encryption and decryption of ciphers/hashes.

These links may or may not be vital for the challenge. Also listed, is a site for timestamp conversion and meta-data extraction.


– Cryptography decoding/encoding:

– Hash encryption:

This site is for its hash encoding specifically Keccak-256 the Ethereum protocol

– Timestamp converters:

Please note, a vital aspect of this challenge is timestamp management

– Meta-data: Also make sure we are not dealing with hidden clues inside the data of images here is a metadata extraction site.

– Hex Viewer: While on the subject of images, here is a hex viewer site which may be useful.


In addition to the following tips, I hope that these sites help you piece together some of the information.

Always remember that I am part of this search, so any opinions I have or content that I produce were made to help. Some of my comments are not to be taken as new official clues. Same goes for the images I post, they are just images to give some visual relief. I would not want you wasting time trying to find cryptic clues in my posts. Everything I say is at face value, and clues are clearly stated.

The only individual who knows the answer is the CEO of Peculium. The man behind the curtain.

Which bring me to this. The hard part is trusting what I  said to be true. We have all been down the path before. Everyone starts looking like AI chatbots. You may start to question everyone. Even initiating your own Turing test when chatting with them.

The interesting part is, at times it almost appears that they fail them. Perhaps it is just the way we interpret different dialect. Maybe it is because the bots are learning from those mistakes. It would not be inconceivable to think AI chatbots are involved. AML AI is the whole structure of Peculium. If I created the challenge I definitely would create AI chatbots that act as if they were participants in the challenge or at least consider it. If you take a look at the roadmap, it even states initiating the AML chatbot back in 2017.

Please do not harass the team too much if you suspect this

Keep track of your findings, even if they turn out to be dead ends. Those dead ends may end up being the right path. The created the wiki is just another source to keep track of some of the more solid clues. We are a team, the more we work together, the more we can achieve.

Paranoid delusions, insomnia, and recreations from John Nash, A Beautiful Mind, are all possible when you travel in the secret.


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