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Before mid-January 2018, everyone thought managing a portfolio was easy. Put some money in a crypto-wallet and let it go. From the 1st of December 2017 to the 17th of December 2017, Bitcoin grew in value by more than 100% (from near $10k to $20k). It’s clear that this is the period when everyone thought that they could win some easy money just by investing a bit of cash in crypto assets. I remember during the Peculium ICO someone saying, “I don’t need AIEVE, I manage my portfolio by myself”. But, now it’s all over.

Since mid-January 2018, everyone is quite nervous about their wallet. Indeed, everyone discovered it’s quite easy to make some losses. It’s very difficult for a human to follow all of the news and have the ability to trade 24 hours a day, isn’t it?  It’s now well known that it’s not an easy task to manage a portfolio.



And, the result is apparent!

That’s why AIEVE is here. From January 14th to April 14th, she’s been able to increase the value of her savings by 88% . If you put the same money into any single coin instead of investing with AIEVE, you would have lost between 43% and 72% (depending on which major crypto asset you chose).

If you look closely at this graph, when the cryptocurrencies are decreasing in value AIEVE is able to protect your portfolio as much as she can and will take advantage of opportunities as they arise to grow your portfolio with the least risk possible.


How has she been able to achieve this level of performance?

AIEVE is running on top of state-of-the-art of Big Data & Machine Learning technologies. She can analyse the market, the news and tweets to predict the trends of every major cryptocurrency. She is capable of managing any given portfolio with a variable level of risk as elected by the user; on release AIEVE will initially be using a low risk strategy. In this highly volatile market, only a very good AI engine can manage a portfolio correctly.

Don’t get confused, it’s not magic and the risk still exists; the forecasts will never be 100% accurate and AIEVE will sometimes make mistakes. What we are trying to achieve is to make sure that we hit more than we miss; such that if you were to follow all of AIEVE’s forecasts you’ll make a net profit.

See for yourself our latest AIEVE Showcase here:


If you’re looking for more information or wish to follow AIEVE’s performance, please come to our website and click on “AIEVE in Backtesting”.

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