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AskEve – AIEVE’s beta version is live!

The wait is finally over. One month ahead of schedule as indicated on the roadmap, Peculium’s first product, AskEve – AIEVE’s beta version will be live today at 1900 GMT+1. And what more, it would be free for ICO investors for 2 weeks!

AskEve will bring the power of Automated Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to the crypto markets. It will give you a forecast on the top traded Crypto-currencies.


The beta version of AIEVE, AskEve will be available at You have to register using the same email id you use on our TGE platform and you will get an access to the features for two weeks without any charges. It will be charged after that.

Possibly the best feature of AskEve is that it gives you a forecast real time for the immediate future. It shows you how the currency is going to perform at a confidence level.

If you observe closely, there is an arrow with a partially circular indicator around it. The arrow indicates where the currency is headed. The indicator or the confidence gauze will indicate the confidence level of that prediction. The latter is necessary as no model of forecasting is 100% certain, and the confidence level will give you an idea about your investments.

Why this makes sense

There are so many crypto investors who are unsure where their current investments are headed. Forget making a profit, they are not sure if their portfolio will be as valuable tomorrow as it is today. And so, if you are one of them, this forecast helps you manage your portfolio better.

There is no better decision like an informed one, and AIEVE provides you with all the information you need to make one.

AIEVE does this by looking at the current market trends, and factors in tried and tested models of market forecasting. However, in addition, it also looks at trends, scans the internet for any buzz around the currency, and factors in the impact.

How to use AskEve

Here is a brief tutorial about using the website:


The two main features that are of interest are the predictions and performance. We have already discussed the predictions. The performance is how AIEVE’s portfolio is performing with respect to the other currencies.

You can see the trends and her investment decisions. However, for the time being, we are going to delay conveying the performance by 24 hours. So what you see here is the performance of the previous day.

We are doing this to avoid any exploitation, but more importantly, to give you a sense of the robustness of the predictive engine.

If you have any questions, you can visit the FAQs on the website. Alternately, you can always email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help you out!

So, if you are an ICO investor, register yourselves on with the same email id you use on our TGE platform today to access the predictions for 2 weeks.


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