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September 2021

What is eGLD?

Key Takeaways Elrond network is a sharding Blockchain focusing on Scaling to handle vast amounts od transactions....


September 2021

Hierarchy of Financial Needs

Summary IntroductionA Prioritization Pyramid   Stage 1: Financial Survival   Stage 2: Financial...


September 2021

What is UNISWAP?

  Today, we are proud to announce that UNI has become our latest addition to our predicted assets. In this article...


August 2021

Is it too late to Invest in Bitcoin

Invest, Too late, FOMO, SAIEVE, Bitcoin Peculium 0

  Summary  There is a popular quote which states that “There is still time to change the road y...


August 2021

How to Build your Emergency Fund?

Emergency, Fund Peculium 0

"Your Emergency Fund is not an investment, it's insurance with one purpose- to protect you and your family" -Dave Rams...


August 2021

Is Bitcoin a New Asset Class?

BTC, Asset, Bitcoin, Class, Investment, btc Peculium 0

Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, presently has the highest market capitalization and is considered a model c...


July 2021

Planning For Short-Term Savings?

  Table of contents   Introduction  Why does one save money?  Goals of Savings  Why Bot...


June 2021

Meet Our New Calculator!

If you want to improve your Self Worth, stop giving other people the Calculator - Tim Fargo Numbers do not deceive....


June 2021

What is a Cryptocurrency wallet?

     Contrary to popular beliefs, Crypto wallets don't really store cryptocurrencies, instead, they work...


June 2021

How to connect your External wallets using MetaMask!

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     In order to connect your external wallets, please login into your SAIΞVE App at saieve.peculium.i...