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April 2020

ANN - End of BeliEVE v1 App, Welcome to BeliEVE v2 !

Peculium 0

End of BeliEVE v1 App BeliEVE v1 App has been the result of a tremendous amount of work, ranging from fundamental resea...


September 2019

Bpifrance and a fresh Update for My Account !

Peculium just received support from Bpifrance  As we are constantly evolving and gaining maturity and credibility...


October 2018

Press Release : END ICO

ICO, press release Peculium 0

Press Release : END ICO As we came to the end of our ICO, we at Peculium would like to say “Thank you!” to...


March 2018

Ideal cryptosavings solution : Forbes

“The data has become the first asset of a company and will by extension become the first asset of an individual.&r...


February 2018

Peculium: Bridging Economies

If you are new to Peculium, in short- PECULIUM is a revolutionary savings platform that seamlessly integrates...


February 2018

A lesson to predict the future : A।ΞVE

The ultimate aim of AI is to produce more efficient and accurate predictions. The current trend in AI practice is to bui...


February 2018

Data analytics and Artificial intelligence in cryptosphere

Why Data? To answer this question, you need first of all few clues about my background. I am Rachid Oukhai, founder of U...


February 2018

Meet the team : Robby Schwertner

cco, CCO, press release, ICO Peculium 0

Previously Robby managed R&D funds for Smart City and Urban Technology projects, including nanotech and sustainable...


February 2018

Listing Announcement: HitBTC

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Its a big day at PCL HQ. After the successful culmination ICO phase of the crowdsale on 24th January, we announce our fi...


February 2018

Great news ! No more defrosting !

cco, CCO, press release Peculium 0

With the successful completion of our ICO, we have received a very positive and amazing response from our investor commu...