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Now that you were properly introduced to the challenge, we can start talking about the clues and discoveries found along the way. The mysterious nature of some of the clues leaves us with short paths unfound. However, clues such as the Quetzal were able to uncover deeper confirmed discoveries. This means many theories relating these clues are not mentioned. However, these are specifically confirmed instances. The following will cover some of the earlier and less followed clues.

The First Clue

The first official visual indication found by participants was the recurring formula found within Peculium related media.

m / dq

Specifically, this formula represents a memristor. Which are a hypothetical non-linear passive two-terminal electrical component relating electric charge and magnetic flux linkage.

More Clues

The second clue to mention stems from a quote by Rashid indicating the birth date of Alessandro Volta.

Comparatively to the Volta clue is  NVIDIA VOLTA.

It is a GPU computing platform and quoted from NVIDIAs website:

“NVIDIA Volta is the new driving force behind artificial intelligence.”

This overall assumption is likely an indication for part of the components that make up AIEVES hardware.

Following this clue is the logo of Peculium itself and its resemblance to the
Pinched Hysteresis Loop.

There are direct correlations between the loop and memristors. In essence showing a clear pattern emerging between the clues so far as to the makeup of AIEVE. What this indicates for the secret is not quite clear at this time but there is definitely a web of connections being made.

The next clue to mention is the one of Nikola Tesla.

The first direct connection links the Tesla clue and the Volta clue with NVIDIA. It is the NVIDIA Tesla GPU for data servers. As quoted by NVIDIA:

“Accelerate your most demanding HPC and hyperscale data center workloads with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs. Data scientists and researchers can now parse petabytes of data orders of magnitude faster than they could using traditional CPUs, in applications ranging from energy exploration to deep learning.”

Given these points, we may have a data center for servers to host the deep learning process and GPUs to power the complex AI functions.

The next clue to talk about is the Quetzal. This is something we have talked about already here. It is important to mention this again to tie together the clues. There was an article about the Quetzal itself because it has a longer plate of information to cover. To enumerate reiterate the Quetzal linked to a website run by a company called Quertle that specializes in visual analytics for AI big data libraries.

Additionally, this may connect the makeup of AIEVE and how all the clues may fit in place. However, why this matters and what it means for the secret is still not clear.

Rashid mentioned a path to follow, the path of birds. We covered what we could regarding this clue, with the article linked. To reiterate it covers the white Quetzals found on as much as 100 images posted by Peculium. All things considered, to celebrate this challenge I will leave you with a quetzal. Only created with images that contain the small white quetzal.

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