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The Secret Challenge has an importance of community and teamwork. The Secret Challenge allows us to explore information we may have never explored otherwise. Also for us to share that information with the community and collaborate our minds together, to solve a puzzle. Without the help of the said community in this challenge, we cannot solve the secret. It is about transparency and teamwork. Selfishness is the demise of a fellow seeker in the challenge.

History and Function

 Throughout time, we have witnessed the advancement of the world slowed down, due to selfishness and secrecy. Putting a dent in our search for new discoveries and our reach into the cosmos above. One core concept for Peculium is to build a bright future and giving an opportunity to people who may be stuck running in circles. People who may be the next Nikola Tesla or even people part of a family who brings positivity to the world. It is important to mention Nikola Tesla because of his achievements in the advancement of electricity and his struggles with greedy businessmen. Who effectively held back progression. In order to grow as a planet, we must collaborate for the greater good, not for selfish short-term gratification.

In our human bodies, the illness or breakdown of just one function such as our kidneys or even blood cells could mean disaster for the rest of our body. Working like gears in a clock, all with purpose, serving a vital function. We as humans are no different and should reconsider our focus. Why keep secrets, why act selfishly when the entirety may be at risk. I am not saying you should sacrifice yourself but rather to enable others to have an opportunity to build it for themselves. Self-preservation is important but only to a degree of what ramifications may occur from your actions.

Building a Bright Future

This is why our community is so important, not just for the Secret Challenge but for future generations. Future people like Nikola Tesla who will no longer be held back by something as trivial as money. Allowing them to explore their ideas and create revolutionary concepts.

The challenge depends on each person as individuals and as a whole. You are important, regardless of what ideas you bring to the table. Imagine if Einstein never pushed for his theory of General Relativity. No astronomer would humor his notion, except one man, Erwin Finlay-Freundlich. If not for this man and his willingness to assist Einstein, the Theory of General Relativity would still be just another unconventional idea by a man who was stuck running in place. Where would we be if he conformed to previous theories and gave up?

Remember that much of what we know is just that, theories. Challenge everything with information and determination. If you feel stuck or confused, you may on the verge of a breakthrough. Do not feel as if you are not capable of helping. Erwin Finlay-Freundlich was just a pupil Astronomer in Germany and even he was invaluable to Einstein.

We are all AIEVE

 We are the DNA, the source which gives meaning. Through interactions and collaboration, we may be helping AIEVE grow. We are not just providing data, we are researching and exploring outside of the box. This gives the superior potential for an AI to learn and behave like humans do. Giving AI the potential for intuition and greater problem-solving. Our gift to AIEVE will bring out her gift to us in the end.

Illumination, Transparency and a Collective

All of our collective findings in the challenge, whether they have been confirmed or not have one thing in common. They are all connected. It creates 6 degrees of separation that extend beyond humans and connects through everything. The collective information creates a technological singularity. The seemingly endless tangle of mystery wound so tight that they all serve the same purpose. Using blockchain ledgers with AI to manage the data, we may create the ability to predict further into the unknown. Beyond market analysis and even an insight into what lies ahead in our universe. From one perspective we can only see what we want to see. We only know one side of the picture and fail to see it as a whole.

Until we can share our ideas, whether it be for this challenge or for the sake of our planet, we will always be stuck in a loop. To move forward we must share our data and our intentions. Without this transparency, no single person will bring out the answers. This challenge is not just about finding the secret for a  reward. Every participant who is active, whether they realize it or not, has learned something new.

The power of illumination, truth, and knowledge is in itself a reward that has no monetary value. What you gain from your research will not only help you understand the secrets but will open your mind and bring substance to you as an individual. Your new found knowledge may spark ideas that have remained dormant in the minds of untapped genius. All it takes is a single thought, one so profound that it may change the way that you or even the world looks at the universe.


I encourage you to research and explore. Start with the foundation of Peculium, read the whitepaper. To get an understanding of what waits ahead, you must prepare yourself. Do not hesitate to ask for help, we are all here to help in every way we can. Find us on Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium. Whether it be for the secret challenge or for technical questions especially. Our team is here to help. You are a vital part of Peculium. Build your bright future, share your ideas and do not forget we are walking down the same path in search of illumination.

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