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Are you our next team member?

Peculium has the ambition of becoming the first savings platform for individuals, brokers, and corporates targeting the blockchain, as well as the traditional savings market, using the power of Automated Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain technology (Ethereum).

Since it’s kickoff, the project team grew from 5 experts to more than 40 in a short span of one year. We have an appetite for growth, so that is where you come in.

We are hiring a professional writer to contribute towards articles, announcements, and other forms of communication in future.

To decide the best fit for us, we are going to do this in an interesting manner – a contest!



What are we looking for

  • You have an excellent grasp of English with a proven track record of writing in a concise, engaging manner,
  • You are motivated to write about 15 SEO optimised articles (400-600 words) a month


The rewards

  •    The winner of the contest will be hired to write for Peculium on a regular basis, a rare opportunity to work with an excellent team!
  •    The 2nd runner-up will receive an Amazon coupon of $500
  •    The  3rd runner-up will receive an Amazon coupon of $200


Did you find yourself above? Then here is how it works

  1. Read about Peculium, AIEVE & the Continued Coin Offering
  2. On the 24 May 2018, 23:59 UTC/GMT the contest will be closed, make sure to publish your article before the end of the day and put the link that leads to your article in the Google-form



  • If none of the participants will write content that we consider professional enough to hire, there will be no 1st place rewarded
  • Publications sent later than 24 May 2018, 23:59 UTC/GMT will not be considered
  • Peculium reserves the right to use all publications for commercial purposes


Topics of the contest

  • Write an introduction for Peculium (200 words) and write any one of the following within 600 words. (If you are on fire, write all three!)
  • Write a short post about savings using blockchain / how this is designed to give more trust and transparency to the financial ecosystem
  • What is the benefit of  “blockchain + AI” for the future of our society (Quote your sources using hyperlinks)
  • Write an investment pitch: a letter to convince a company/institution to invest in the CCO. The letter should be directly addressed to a potential investor (e.g. the CEO of company XY),  introducing Peculium, AIEVE & NLP, as well as the CCO-structure and benefits.


Relevant Links

Telegram Announcement-Channel:
Telegram Main-Channel:
Telegram French-Channel:
Telegram German-Channel:


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