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Discover SAIΞVE Earn offer : BELIΞVE Account


If you’re into cryptocurrency and you’re looking to save money along the way, then perhaps our SAIΞVE app is something you should be checking out right about now.

  • Is the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) that your traditional bank offers on your savings account not exciting enough? 
  • Are your crypto holdings sitting on an exchange untraded? 
  • Are you not interested in trading but still looking to increase your crypto holdings? 

Well, you’ll surely find something appealing within the SAIΞVE Earn product suite, a new way to Earn Yields on your Crypto Assets.

What is SAIΞVE Earn?

SAIΞVE Earn offer is a diversified suite of financial products that you can use to increase your crypto holdings. You can think of it as your “SAIΞVE crypto savings account*”, the first account of its kind. The product should be seen as more of an investment than a savings account. It lets investors put their passive crypto assets to work and earn a return at competitive yields. The difference between a regular savings account and this one is that crypto is capable of so much more! SAIΞVE Earn is an awesome way to increase your savings while you’re sound asleep, knowing that your funds are doing all the work for you. 

With SAIΞVE Earn, you can start saving, investing to earn passive income on stablecoins (USDT). Our Earn feature lets our customers save with a minimum balance of $100 required to get started and no fees to transfer or redeem funds. 

So, let’s see what SAIΞVE Earn has to offer.


BELIΞVE Account (Beta)

With the expansion of interest in cryptocurrencies, it is worthwhile considering what role stablecoins should play in a crypto investor’ portfolio. Technically you don’t really “invest” in stablecoins since they cannot offer you a return.


Stablecoins have become an increasingly popular way of transferring value across the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Loan providers have innovated to provide investors the ability to earn interest on their stablecoins. They do this in a similar way to banks by accepting USD stablecoin deposits and then lending those deposits to traders or financial institutions for a predetermined interest rate with the loan backed by crypto collateral. So they offer a fixed yield. While this may sound appealing on the surface, the truth is that they are hiding their total returns in that fixed rate. Often, this results in them taking the lion’s share of the returns, rather than passing them onto their users.


At Peculium, one of our core values is transparency, which is why we don’t offer a fixed yield. Instead, our returns fluctuate to match the real market conditions. If the market is offering a higher return, you will benefit. This ensures you get the highest available yield for the best risk/return ratio.


In our first version, you may have heard about BELIΞVE. Well, it has embraced smart changes. BELIΞVE become your savings account within the SAIΞVE’s first new earning program and is aimed at Stablecoins holders, willing to grow their Idle bag in the exchanges. It allows you to earn yield on the dollar-pegged stablecoin Tether (USDT) thanks to diversification with top-performing crypto assets supported by the platform. More coins have been added to detect more market opportunities. Supported assets will be listed in our website in the coming days. 



How we get you the best return

Your BELIΞVE account connects you to Binance exchange to ensure you benefit from the best market opportunities, resulting in the highest return for the most acceptable level of risk. 


Smart diversification

Quantitative AI models

With BELIΞVE suite, you gain diversified exposure to a well-curated basket of top-performing crypto assets. Our algorithm finds growth opportunities in real-time in the crypto market and makes short-term trades that increase your stablecoins (USDT) value. 

Our quantitative models are always learning and adapting to new market data. This way they can pinpoint optimal trades while minimizing losses by using the most up-to-date info right away.


To sum up

Crypto investors can earn real yields on cryptocurrencies all through the simple, reliable, and secure SAIΞVE platform.SAIΞVE allows our customers the ability to invest for the long term while also easily putting their money to work and reward themselves with high-yield products like SAIΞVE Earn.

The BELIΞVE account will be the only crypto yield-earning product available that offers one of the highest yields of competitive Stablecoins earning offerings and the most flexible connection policies with exchanges and wallets.

The savings program will only be available to 1000 customers during the second beta test phase. 

Who can join the waitlist?

The waitlist is available to any clients with a funded PCL Account.



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*SAIΞVE is not a depository institution and SAIΞVE Earn is not a depository account. SAIΞVE Earn allows customers to hold their digital assets in the disclosed exchanges while growing them by detecting opportunities in performing assets.


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