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In the past few days, our team has spotted many fake Twitter accounts. We want all the investors, current and potential, to understand that we are deeply disturbed by this. We are doing everything we can to bring these fake Twitter accounts down.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, there is a difference between imitating and impersonating. While the former is okay when no IP is infringed, the latter is a crime. This month, our community managers and team members spotted more than 15 such fake twitter accounts that are trying to swindle investors using our name.


What are these fake Twitter accounts doing?

We have observed a pattern among these fake accounts. They are trying to impersonate us on Twitter. They are using the company’s name, a similar sounding Twitter handle, profile picture, and background. Then, they reply to one of our tweets, making it look like Peculium is continuing the conversation.

We spotted 15 fake twitter accounts, and these are the handles:

@_PecuIuim @_Peculium @_Pecu1ium @Peculivm_ @_PecuIlium
@_Pecvlivm @_Pecu1ioum @_Pecu1iaum @_Pecu1aium @_Pecvl1ivm
@_Pecu1iium @_Pecvliunm @_Pecu1itum @_Pecur1ium @_PecuIium_

They, posing as Peculium, usually offer some sort of a reward. In most cases, it looks like we are giving away a cryptocurrency. They then provide a link to click for verification and ask you to send some of your cryptocurrency in order to win even more cryptocurrency. The link is most probably a phishing link. below are some examples.



What can you do about it?

It is important for you as an investor to check what details you share. Peculium, like any other financial institution, would not ask for any sensitive financial information on any platform, public or private. So here are the 3 things you do.

  1. Check the Twitter handle. Check the handle of the account. It could be one of those stated above, or it could be a new one. What you can be certain of, is it is not going to be @_Peculium. If you are in doubt, see the number of followers.
  2. Never click on suspicious links. It is most likely a scam, so don’t be tempted to do so. If there is a giveaway, it would be announced as a formal tweet and not as a comment.
  3. Report such fake accounts. We are already reporting these fake accounts to Twitter. That said, it is easy for new ones to crop up. So if you spot anything suspicious, please report it to Twitter.


At our end, we are working with Twitter to find a permanent solution for this problem. We hope that this issue is resolved quickly and no innocent investors are scammed. In case you have any questions, contact our team administrators here.

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