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Follow the Path of Birds to Find the Formula

As you may know by now, Peculiums Secret Challenge is synonymous with the Quetzal. Ever since Rashid posted the image of the beautiful bird.  Rashid talks specifically about a path of birds. 

-Jan 22nd 20:21:22 via Slack/Telegram

“An indication for the end of the ICO On the 19 ways of secret, follow the path of birds. The mathematical formula is there. 369IUM, Solidus, bird, timestamp”

This leaves us with a wide spectrum of possibilities. We could go as far as looking into the migration patterns of birds or we could take this as a hint for the Peculium Twitter page as mentioned before.  As you may know, time management is vital. Timestamps are very important for the challenge and one thing to consider is that Peculium posts those images with the little white Quetzals very deliberately. The timestamps may reveal a path or pattern. So following the path of birds could very well mean tracking those images, that contain birds. Even their office has birds on the walls, which is definitely worth noting.

I would like to note that A.I. can be used for data management by tracking data visually. In my personal opinion, I may consider that the white birds are used to track the whereabouts of Peculium media. Where and when they were posted, which would offer additional data for further marketing. This is yet to be confirmed, however.

(A collage of twitter images that have the white Quetzal image)

More Clues

Rashid also mentioned a formula in one of his comments. This is a key clue to focus on. Which could indicate a means to solve the secret. More likely yet another plate of clues for the secret. It may be a key used in cryptography or a way to decrypt a hash string which could lead to an Ethereum private key. The formula could provide a function to activate a chatbot or even assemble a website URL. Your guess is as good as mine.

The choice of words could actually be the formula needed or the means to assemble it. Let’s break it down to understand the possibilities and exactly what  Rashid may have meant by this portion of his comment:

The mathematical formula is there. 369IUM, Solidus, bird, timestamp”

Let’s start with 369IUM:

  • First, we have a supposed quote by Nikola Tesla which mentions 369:

“if only you knew the magnificence of the 3 6 and 9”

  • Secondly, 369 may represent financial quarters in business.
    • While each quarter is 3 months. So three quarters exponentially grows from 3 months to 6 months and finally 9 months.
  • IUM – For example is defined as something metallic.
  • IUM could indicate something which is still unconfirmed. This is mentioned in another blog post with a batch of tokens we call the IUM tokens.

Now for the first real word, Solidus:

Solidus has a few distinct meanings.

  •  A term for a slash “ /
  •  Also in Chemistry, it represents a curve for a solid substance in which the graph is below a point of temperature and composition
  • In history, it represents a gold coin in the later Roman empire known as a solidus, nomisma, or bezant.
  •  Most notable, Solidus is the name of the smart contract that Peculium will enable sometime in 2019

The bird:

  • At first glance, it appears to direct the attention at the Quetzal
  •  Possibly the path of birds in the images, pinpointing one of them for a clue, such as a timestamp to follow.

Finally, the timestamps: 

  • Timestamps are represented when making posts and can be vital for time management
    • So finding the correct timestamp could be an indication that you are in the correct place

Consequently, we may have some combination to solve. Either we put the correct ones together needed to create a URL link. Maybe, a way to encrypt the correct hash for an ether address. However, the possible choices are so great that it would be unreasonable to mention every single one. Random trials and error are futile. Remeber,  this secret challenge is very deliberately calculated.

To better explain, with a key we can decipher cryptic messages. This comment by Rashid about a formula may need a key to solve or even is the key to solve a cipher. Therefore without first having a key and known cipher, we could potentially spend a millennium trying to solve this with brute force.

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