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In a historic turn of events, the leaders in AI space and blockchain community met the French Minister of Finance today over breakfast. The leaders were assured of support to achieve the position of a world leader in the Blockchain community.

In March 2018, while many countries were censuring the crypto space, France took a massive step towards progress. In a speech concluding the AI for Humanity conference in Paris, The French President Mr Emmanuel Macron agreed that AI is the way forward and that France aspires to be the world leader in Artificial Intelligence Space. This would mean that France would be displacing USA and China in this space at some point.

Today, in line with the vision, the French Minister of Finance met with the leaders from the Crypto space. The meeting was a positive step as the Minister extended his support to all the blockchain community.

The meeting

Our CEO, Mr Rashid Oukhai attended the event along with other leaders in this space. He relayed that the vision of the Minister is to make France the world leader in the blockchain community. In his own words, Mr Rashid says,

“I spoke about the significance of collective data in the future of blockchain. I hope to have given an idea of the general interest and how data can serve the collective interest.”

This is a significant step as it got the leaders in the blockchain space on a formal platform, in discussion with the Government. It will ensure that there would be an extended cooperation from the Government, as well as a harmonious discourse and possible collaboration between the companies operating in this space.

Peculium and the future of blockchain

Peculium, as a savings platform, has a significant role to play in the development and future of blockchain community, not just in France, but worldwide. We are in the process of unveiling AIEVE to the market soon. With the power of AI, Machine learning and Natural language processing, AIEVE will bring stability to your investments.


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