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How to beat inflation with AIEVE – Your Artificial Intelligence companion for a brighter future

The world seems to have lost confidence in the long term savings. Peculium understands the importance of savings for everyone. Peculium strives to win this confidence back. Peculium has been developed to help everyone grow their wealth, including the common man with a 9-5 job who attends to his family and loved ones daily with a smile on his/her face, but worries about their future.


The technical goal of Peculium is to allow anyone to invest and grow his/her hard earned money safely for a long-term such as retirement investments. The moral goal of Peculium is to decrease the burden of financial planning from the common man as much as we can and allow him/her to enjoy the present with the family and loved ones.


Peculium has developed the world's first Savings Management platform on the crypto-markets. We firmly believe that blockchain assets are here to stay. Just like the internet or GPS technologies, sooner or later the world will adopt the blockchain technology as a part of day-to-day life.


We believe that Peculium has for the first-mover’s advantage in delivering a working product to everyone. Especially for the new generation of investors suffering from the shortcomings of the current financial system.


At Peculium, we are not only challenging the status quo of savings & investment practices, but also revolutionizing the transparency, flexibility, and ease via greatly simplified of the user input and implementation of advanced technological strides behind the curtains.


Peculium has developed the artificial intelligence engine named AIEVE. The letters AIEVE stand for Artificial intelligence, Ethics, Value, and Equilibrium.


“AIEVE - Your Artificial Intelligence companion for a brighter future.”


Equipped with the unparalleled ability of Natural Language Processing, AIEVE can analyze the market, news, RSS-feeds and social media content to predict the trends of every major cryptocurrency. This ability sets AIEVE ahead of any other similar product.


AIEVE can determine the validity of the information and act accordingly. Unlike the lesser mortals (human traders) AIEVE can perform the task of analyzing and reacting to ever-changing markets within split-second with unbelievable accuracy. With the integrated Automated Machine Learning, AIEVE can only improve upon the current accuracy.



AIEVE is capable of managing an array of portfolios with variable levels of risk. These risks are decided and then elected by the user which increases the potential on their return.
Her performance and ability to generate profits on user investments has already been demonstrated and proven even in real-time, even in the worst market conditions.


A forecast will never be 100% accurate. Even the smartest AI- engines will make mistakes. However, let’s take a look at the current status of our project in terms of achievements. We have trained and tested AIEVE on the top 16 cryptocurrencies by market cap.


Product: BeliEve

  • Pre-Alpha (14/01/2018 to 14/04/2018) (Backtesting)
  • Closed Alpha (08/09/2018 to 07/10/2018)
    • 7.91%/month realized profit after deducting Binance´s fees
    • Source of investment funds was team-funds
  • Closed beta phase 1 (05/12/2018 to 07/01/2019)
    • Average 3% monthly profits across 50 public investors.
    • Source of investments: Real user funds. 1982 of 1985 trades were successful (win-rate of >99.8%)
    • Tweak Safety over profits: The settings of AIEVE were tweaked to focus on the safety of investment value as compared to focus on the increasing profits
    • Conservative, moderate and aggressive portfolios testing.
  • Closed beta phase 2 (11/01/2019 to 08/03/2019)
    • Article will be updated with the results when phase 2 is over
    • Until then you may always find the Top5- and Bottom5- Portfolios here


Even at the current developmental phase and managing the portfolios in a bear market, AIEVE could potentially generate 45% profits per annum! This is an astonishing achievement. Now let’s head back to our example with the savings account again where you deposited $100. After only one year, you would generate an outstanding profit and would end up with $145.

Product: AskEve

  • 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes predictions
  • AI, NLP, Market sentiment analysis
  • No trading experience required
  • Reliable price predictions in real-time


Find out more about both products in detail: Products

Peculium will not only help you to grow your money faster but will beat inflation by far, at least in most of the countries on earth.

Sounds too great to be true? Read on. There is nothing better than real customer testimonials.
Here are some feedbacks from satisfied participants, who were part of our first public Beta Phase and some screenshots of their portfolios.

If you want to take advantage of those state-of-the-art- products, register for free and set up your account today

“I'm an early investor and impressed with what I have seen so far. I have experience with running my own bots and know how difficult these can be. Great job! Keep up the amazing work!”  - Mr. Anderson


“Thanks for giving me an opportunity in Aieve Believe subscription, I learned a lot about how to handle such tremendous pressure in this market situation, I like to continue using BeliEve in an aggressive mode for the rest period of time during this panic situation in the crypto market, kindly consider my subscription for the rest of my life.” - Kantilal Deshmukh


“I don’t know much about cryptocurrency and crypto market in stock! I even don’t know how to buy USDT to send to BeliEve team! But what I saw today and the way BeliEve performed was UnbeliEvable! The way she performed on predicting ADA was just fabulous! We are told that it is the result of Algorithms but I see it as more than just science!! How can she read the intentions of people in the future is beyond science! Bravos Team!” - Javed Iqbal


“I have been part of the Peculium team for some time and feel to add a few hindsight’s from a traditional investor point of view.

The question of scalability depends on various factors and most will be answered by themselves going forward. However, there are a couple of fundamental questions that are of strong interests.

The first one being: What is the audience for Peculium´s saving tool and the second is what is the current return alternative for them.

The audience consists of traditional savings institutions and individuals in need to prepare for their retirement plans. By definition this crowd is huge and returns are scarce at present.

The returns achieved by pension funds are traditional of about 2x the returns of their 10-year government bond yields. As an example, Germany stands at 0.5% and France at about 2% per annum, the US at about 2.5% in local currency.

The embedded returns of pension funds will then go for lower than 5% per annum or about 0.4% per month.

Some countries experience higher government yields (without going into emerging markets though), but 70% of pension funds are concentrated within the population mentioned here above.

Therefore, the comfort margin provided by Peculium is terrific, as it stands at more than 10x the monthly returns of pension funds, with the addition of unseen volatility management. Hence, would the increase in users lower the trade’s profitability, there is a substantial gap that ensures the success of Peculium regardless of the number of users.

Also, there is a virtuous circle effect in such that the more people will make profits with Peculium, the more money will come into crypto, enlarging liquidity and self-solving the scarcity issue.

Lastly, as Peculium will be offering an automatic tool in which pension fund will invest fiat and receive fiat in returns, they will be entirely agnostic to the underlying assets. Those could be post stamps, live cattle’s or else; Peculium is removing the burden of investing in a non-traditional asset class such as crypto.

A strong team, a proven solid project, actual proven results, real trades and real profits taken are all elements making Peculium truly unique in this universe.

The increase of users is to continue rising and word of mouth about its uniqueness is spreading fast. Poor stock markets will help people focus on alternatives and Peculium is without a doubt one of those.” - Florian Rais


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