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How to connect your External wallets using MetaMask!

     In order to connect your external wallets, please login into your SAIΞVE App at

     Go on the top right corner and select My External Wallet tab.

     Click on Add new wallet.

Note: You can add as many addresses as you desire.

     You are presented with 2 options:

1. MetaMask wallet
2. MEW (myetherwallet) wallet.

    MyEtherwallet (MEW) and MetaMask are already integrated for now. More Wallets are being under consideration.

How to connect to MetaMask!

     Click on MetaMask, a pop will appear to Connect with MetaMask. Select your Account and click Next then Connect to Account.

You must verify the signature and click Sign from the pop-up Chrome Extension.

Note: The personal signature process allows us to verify if the wallet belongs to you.


     Your MetaMask wallet has been assigned to your SAIΞVE Account.


     Once you have added your wallet please go on the Home page and select Buy PCL ->Transfer PCL from your external wallet!

     Then Select your MetaMask external wallet then Connect.

     You will need to send PCL tokens from your added MetaMask wallet to the SAIΞVE address: 0xce07b54e315459ab594927fec7e247aff640ff56

Once the PCL tokens are sent your balance will be filled automatically!


Now you hold PCL Tokens to top up your BELIΞVE Earn Account!



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