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How to pass KYC on SAIΞVE?


1. Login to SAIΞVE Account at

2. After logging into your account, select Profile from right top corner -> KYC -> Go to KYC page

Once on the KYC page please carefully fill the form with your details. This is to ensure that we are compliant with global fraud prevention standards.

Next you will need to upload 3 photos:

1. Upload your photo ID

2. Upload your proof of address

3. Upload a selfie of you 

Only the image such as .png or .jpeg, or jpg file can be accepted. Pictures must be less than 1MB.

KYC Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is KYC? Why do I have to submit identification documents to verify my account?

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” and it is standard practice for any company offering financial services. KYC is an important part of protecting our community against money laundering and any bad players entering our ecosystem.

The reason why submitting documentation to prove the users identity is so important is because the KYC process discourages the attempt to commit financial crimes or other illegal activities. Financial platforms, including Celsius Network, are required by law to collect this data from their customers and avoid the attempt of these types of financial crimes.

2. What information do you need in order to complete my KYC verification?

When verifying your SAIEVE account you will need to provide the following personal information:

  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Home address;
  • Citizenship country;
  • A picture of your government-issued document;

Once your ID has been verified you can then start using your SAIEVE App and claim your PCL Tokens.

3. Which documents can I use for KYC verification?

The documents you can provide for assuring KYC verification may depend on the country you live in but, in general, the following documents are supported.

  • Passport;
  • National ID card;
  • Address proof
  • Drivers license.

To make sure your application gets processed quickly, please take a high-quality photo in good lighting conditions (preferably during the day), without any blur or covered text.


4. How long does verification take? What do I do if it takes longer than expected?

Most KYC applications are approved within minutes when a high-quality photo of a supporting document is uploaded. High-quality meaning no blur, no cut-off corners, no blocked text, no glare, and high resolution.

However, sometimes, applications can take up to 24-72 hours (during weekdays) to process. If your application has been pending for over 72 hours, you can reach out to us by creating a ticket in the App (Support section) and we will be happy to help.


5. Re-Submit Your Identity Verification

If you have received the following email...

"We could not verify your identity. The document photo has low resolution and could not be processed. Please go through the KYC process again or contact Peculium support."

... this means that your KYC was rejected due to one or more reasons from the list below.


  • Image with a low resolution;
  • Blurry image;
  • Light glare over the document;
  • Fingers covering part of the document;
  • Part of the document is not in the photo;
  • Unsupported document.

In that case, you can re-submit your ID for verification making sure that a high-quality photo of a supporting document is uploaded, with all 4 corners of the document visible in the photo and that all the text is clearly readable. High-quality means no blur, no cut-off corners, no blocked text, no glare, and high resolution. 

You can also try to use a different document.


In the case you lost your 2FA, in order to reactivate it, you need to re-submit your identity verification.


If you're still having issues with your KYC process, please contact us at [email protected] from the email address that you used to create your SAIEVE account.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We can't verify your account over email. Please don't send us the photos of your document for KYC. To follow the full verification process, please send us the photos of your documents using the KYC menu.


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