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How to rent the App and benefit from BELIΞVE Account?

In order to benefit from BELIΞVE Earn account and pay the fees, you will need to have some PCL tokens in your PCL "Earn" Balance (See details of PCL Balance).

This means you have to do an internal transfer from your PCL SAIΞVE Balance or from your external wallets to your PCL Earn Balance. 


- There are 0 fees for internal transfers.

- Ethereum transaction fees apply when transferring PCL Tokens from external wallets to SAIΞVE Earn Balance

To top up your Earn Balance with PCL tokens, please select in the Earn screen:
Earn -> Add PCL

Add the amount of PCL you want to send then click Confirm.

SAIΞVE Automatically detects how much you have in your PCL SAIΞVE Balance or your external wallets.

In our case, we already have 24 2828.22 PCL in PCL SAIΞVE Balance.

If you don’t have PCL, the button "Add PCL" is desactivated.

Please follow our tutorial here to top-up your PCL SAIΞVE Balance or here to connect your external ERC-20 wallet(s).

After a few minutes your PCL Earn Balance will be updated in your PCL Balance in the Home screen and the Earn screen.

Congratulations you now hold PCL to benefit from BELIΞVE Earn Account.

PCL Membership Program

We recommend having 10% of your total USDT assets (that will be managed in your BELIΞVE account) in PCL tokens to rent the app or more (20%) to benefit from Gold Membership Bonus.

You can find more details about our Loyalty program here.

Enjoy your supercharged Yield BELIΞVE account.


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