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How to set up your BELIΞVE Earn Account in SAIΞVE

In this tutorial, you will discover how to set up your BELIΞVE account.

Step 1: Connect your Exchange Account to SAIΞVE


You need to have an account with the Binance Crypto Exchange. This is your account and our trades on it. So, there is no need to transfer your capital to SAIΞVE App. If you don’t have an account, open it today!

In the SAIΞVE Earn screen, click on Connect button and select Binance exchange in the popup.



Enter the API Key and API Secret 

After creating an API in Binance -making it clear to name it so you can recognize it-, you should copy/paste your public and secret keys in the App.



Tip : It is easier to have 2 browser windows open, so you can copy and paste the API Key and Secret. Please don't link the same API more than once as this will confuse you when you are trading, it will also show you have more funds available than is actually the case! 


Usually, exchanges take a few minutes to activate the API key - don't worry, just leave this screen open for now and refresh the page. 


Step 2: Onboard your capital

At this point, you should select how much USDT you want to onboard and grow in your BELIΞVE Account. You will need a minimum of 100 USDT balance to let SAIΞVE work with. The App automatically detects how much Idle USDT you have.

If you don't have enough please check our articles to see how you Top-up your USDT balance in Binance with FIAT (EUR/USD) or Crypto


Step 3: Top-up your PCL Balance

Finally, you will need a minimum of PCL Balance in your Earn Account. This means you have to hold PCL to rent the App and pay the fees. 


Tip: In order to fully enjoy our Membership rewards, we recommend a min of 20% of your total USDT capital onboarded in PCL Balance.  If you want to learn more about our Loyalty Program, please discover our article here.

Once you have that, our App will be integrated into your Binance account. It will invest directly in the account. It only gets permission to buy or sell. It can never transfer from your account. The security of your money is taken care of by Binance, which is the largest and most trusted crypto exchange in the world.

You're done! Let SAIΞVE work for you


Need more help?

Please check our Interactive "Product Tour" Video below.

It highlights BELIΞVE Earn Account core features and helps you with the onboarding workflow.

Enjoy the ride!





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