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How to Top-up with FIAT in Binance?


In order to top up your Binance account with Fiat please login into your account at Binance and select:

  1. Top-up with FIAT

Wallet -> Fiat and Spot

Please make sure you have passed KYC first before depositing Fiat. Check out the tutorial to pass KYC at KYC tutorial .

Next you will need to select Deposit.

You will need to select the type of currency and payment method, let's say for example we want to deposit EUR.

Binance is recommending 3 type of payments

1  Bank transfer (Sepa)
2  Bank Card (Visa/Mastercard)
3  iDEAL (online payment method that enables consumers to pay online through their own bank)

If you want to deposit EUR using a Bank Card (Visa/MC), you select Bank Card and add the amount of EUR you want to deposit, for this example we will add 250 EUR then click Continue.

Please fill all the tabs with your Card info and billing address and click Pay now. Once the process is done you will see your EUR amount in the Fiat Deposit History.



In order to trade your deposited FIAT or Crypto for USDT select:

Trade -> Classic (for a simple & easy to use interface)

Next you will need to choose FIAT, search EUR because we deposited EUR) then select EUR/USDT pair.

You will need to introduce the amount of EUR you want to exchange for USDT and click on Sell EUR.

Congratulations you now hold USDT to top up your BELIΞVE Earn Account or onbaord more capital to grow.

Happy Investing with SAIΞVE!


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