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How to top-up your PCL balance using EUR or USD?

In order to top up your PCL balance with EUR or USD please login into your SAIΞVE App at

In the home screen, select Buy PCL at PCL Balance.

Next step is to select the Fiat you want to use and insert the amount of Fiat you want to exchange for PCL tokens. For example in this article, we will purchase PCL Tokens using EUR.

Note: Minimum amount to purchase is 50 EUR and you will see an estimated amount of purchased PCL tokens when the order is created.

You will need to decide on the Payment Method. The user can choose between PayPal and Bank Transfer.

1. PayPal Payment Method.

If the user has chosen PayPal, he needs to review his Order and confirm once he is happy with it.

Note: there is commission of 8%

Once the Order is confirmed you will get redirected to the PayPal web page where you can make the payment. You will receive a notification on your email with the Order Details.

2. Wire Transfer Payment Method

If you want to make a payment with Bank transfer you will need to first add your bank account details.

Tip: if you already have added your bank account in SAIΞVE, please skip step a.

a. Add a bank account


Go on the top right corner and select My Bank Accounts tab.

Once there click Add a new Bank Account to add your bank details information.

bSelect your registered bank account.

c. Select agree with the trading agreements & risks statements and confirm your order.

Note: there is commission of 3.92%


Once the order is confirmed, please follow the instructions in the next tab (or in the email).


As soon as the payment is done you will receive an email that your payment has been accepted. There is also a notification on the right top corner in the Web app.

Next, you will need to go on the right top corner and select My Orders.

Here you can complete your Order.

Note: PCL tokes are bought via Market Order from BitMart Exchange and it may differ from the estimated amount at the start.

Congratulations you now hold PCL in your SAIΞVE PCL Balance.


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