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Ideal cryptosavings solution : Forbes

“The data has become the first asset of a company and will by extension become the first asset of an individual.” – R.Oukhai (Founder & CEO Peculium)

2017 was yet the most active year of the blockchain related projects. During its peak hype, a lot of investments were made hoping for quick returns. In such highly emotional states, the markets can behave erratically. The alarms buzzed the cryptoland…….

At Peculium, we consider that there is an immense need for transparency, analysis, and prediction to provide necessary protection the investments. The blockchain has proved its solidity, demonstrated its transparency and legitimized its presence. The projects that have emerged in this area have mainly focused on improving and extending the blockchain service. However, the ecosystem is still immature in terms of analysis, data processing and information remains difficult to access.

Peculium will bring major changes that will potentially change the face of the crypto universe radically with the help of Data Science. We created Peculium to precisely answer the problems of low transparency, fraud and largely the investment protection. We are developing a software solution which focuses on the comprehension of the blockchain data and insights from its analysis.

Peculium implements Big Data architecture to the blockchain and related fields, which allows us to have a real-time access to massive streams of heterogeneous dynamic data. This platform gains its information from the social media, financial media, news, google trends etc.Peculium will provide insights from the Big Analytics algorithms (Internet/blockchain) and the dashboard to quickly understand the complex information in the relevant data.
Peculium is dedicated to information fusion, intelligent querying, typological analysis, community detection, anomalies, weak signals etc. It allows the setting up of predictions and improves decision-making. To support this complete architecture, Peculium relies on the best technological framework of Big Data namely Natural Language Processing, Automatic Machine Learning, and the Artificial Intelligence.

In parallel with this progress, a Peer to Peer Blockchain will allow the decentralization of governance. Although the expansion of capitalization and the presence of crypto-currencies on the market is unprecedented, we believe that this trend will not only continue but grow. It will give a data flow as important as those that appeared with social networks. It is more than ever necessary to know the past/history of the blockchain, which is happening at the moment. We have to be prepared for the ocean of data that will arrive in the coming months and years to prepare for the future.

With Peculium, it will be possible to:

  • secure our customers’ crypto-portfolios while optimizing their savings
  • identify all borderless actors of the border, language or alphabet type
  • map all initiatives, projects, and solutions in the world
  • track all transactions and to find hidden patterns on all blockchains
  • fight against fraud and allow a fair and objective notation Blockchain technology is a real upheaval.

Investors and users (novice or experienced), in this space, need a tool to grasp the mechanisms and secure their investments. Our mission is to increase the adoption of crypto-currencies and their generalization. By using analytical technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify signals and market models that cannot be programmed by humans, we are building the tool that will undoubtedly help you to be better informed for better decision making.



(This translated excerpt was taken from Forbes article published in paper magazine)


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