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Introducing our new SAIΞVE App

Today, we announce the most pivotal event of Peculium’s history: the launch of our new savings App. This is quite significant, and we expect it to be true catalyst, both for the industry, and our company.

Success never happens overnight. Patience ad persistence are the keys. It is the result of the intelligent, informed, and risk-balanced corporate decisions that we make on a daily basis.  


Having raised our capital, on the Ethereum Blockchain, from individuals around the globe, the passive income savings model is in our DNA. We believe new technology can handle some things better than people in order to serve individuals. We believe investing should be a clear and straightforward experience. Combining deep sector (Blockchain) and technology (AI, Data science) expertise, we deliver accurate, reliable, cost effective, complete and faster forecasts, to identify relevant information for crypto investments decisions. 


We can look into Peculium’s future with confidence and optimism. We've learned a lot along the way, not least to keep abreast of the expectations of one of our most loyal community.



Three years ago, Peculium was created with the simple mission: To empower people to do what’s best for their money, so they can build a better life.

Today, more than ever, Peculium is living that mission. To honor our third anniversary, we’re launching a new look across our platform that better represents the purpose behind our product. 


While we’re proud of inventing AIEVE “robo-advisor” service, it was never our end goal. As the company grows, adds new people and services, and faces new competitors, we have to speak more clearly and directly than ever before about our vision for transforming crypto financial services for the good of all.


At Peculium, we refuse to adopt industry norms that are used to disempower and misguide customers. Everything we do is meant to serve one purpose: to help you make the most of your money transparently. 

Let’s break down what these exactly mean, and how they help our Savers.

Saving in a traditional way is always known as growing its money at a standard rate. Save is no longer a traditional term, Save goes beyond and becomes Saieve. 

Our new SAIΞVE App is a savings platform that combines AI and Smart contracts, implementing elements from traditional savings with all-data-driven decision investments making.


At the outset of this rebranding, we challenged ourselves with a dream assignment: Rebuilding an experience that lays the foundation for the future of Peculium.  Branding is about creating a meaningful experience for users that reflects our core values and aspirations, therefore the new concept is based on two principale pillars: 


  • SAVE, is about saving your money efficiently and safely, 
  • and AIΞVE which stands for Artificial intelligence, Ethics, Value, and Equilibrium; It’s a saving based on our IA system.


SAVE Differently, SAVE with AIΞVE, SAVE with SAIΞVE.




The best way to experience our new look is on our coming App. We’ve redesigned it to simplify the experience so that it’s easier than ever to join, and start a savings account.  Thus how does our new app SAIΞVE achieve all this, making savings more efficient and productive than ever before? With a broad range of powerful features and capabilities such as : 


  • Quick and easy signup – You can get started in just minutes, allowing you to earn yield and instantly access your portfolio through a seamless, all-in-one platform.


  • Connect feature – You can connect your favourite exchange to start your Savings account.


  • Savings account – You can open a savings Account and earn money on your crypto. There are no fees. You’ll start earning the day your deposit hits the account, with compounded interest paid in real-time.


  • Personal account – Your account isn’t within a mutual fund and handled independently with AIΞVE, thus you can leave when you want, and stay as long as you like.  


  • Saving in real-time – No hidden operations, with a full transparency of transactions, what you see on your dashboard is what you hold.


  • Risk management – Crypto assets are one risky asset class like plenty of others. With our new risk management framework, based on a qualified infrastructure and designed to offer higher risk-adjusted returns for a given cryptocurrency portfolio, your savings are more secured. 


  • Advanced reporting and analysis – The ability to rapidly generate thorough, consistent, and highly accurate balance sheets, profit and loss statements, portfolio allocations, and other important financial reports.


  • Scalable infrastructure – With the new design, scaling to thousands of users is as simple as a click. 


Thanks to our new app, we’re bringing an unprecedented level of access and convenience to the people who matter most to us, and opens Smart savings up to everyone by removing barriers of entry.


The SAIΞVE App relies on the PCL token


We’re always looking for ways to add greater convenience and access to the financial services that the crypto community relies on, so we’re excited to announce the beta launch of our all-new SAIΞVE App. 


We can't stand still. With the new app we'll be launching more frequent updates, offering a broader range of content and bringing you a better experience.


Let SAIΞVE Grow Your Savings 



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