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Introducing SAIΞVE's new Dashboard Features!

     At Peculium, we pride ourselves on our commitment to users. Today, we are proud to announce that Peculium has launched many new features so that our customers may now manage their portfolios with unprecedented convenience and transparency . Our easy-to-use platform features provide our customers with the best possible way to invest and save in cryptocurrencies. So, let's take a look at the exciting new features available.

In this article, we will be looking at our exciting dashboard features.

So, what's inside?

     You'll be taken to your account dashboard once you've logged in to your account via the Web App . From the dashboard, one will be able to look at all the features at a glance and can get to know about the total investments managed by PECULIUM.

Now, we will go through each and every feature:


Want to have all of your accounts' savings in one spot?

     PECULIUM has made a daring and prudent move in the data revolution. Peculium is a traditional savings pillar that syncs data in a secure and trustworthy manner . This feature is a consolation of all savings in one place of all your Earn accounts. With full transparency of transactions, no hidden operations, what you see on your dashboard is what you hold. This is a dynamic feature, where it gets changed automatically in real-time. 



Want to receive regular updates of your total earnings? Unable to keep track of your gains / losses?

     Use our Sweetpot feature and get notifications of your daily total sweet earnings. It is the total earnings from the beginning of registration of an account. One can check the daily earnings he/she has accumulated once they click the See Details button.

PCL Balance

You can see it as another savings balance. It is indeed one simple balance that allows you to earn money, save money (Saving fees), gain incentives, increase your earnings, and stake all at the same time.  

SAIΞVE Balance

 Users can purchase PCL with FIAT (EUR / USD) either by Paypal or by bank transfer within our App.

One can decide to simply hold PCL in SAIΞVE or transfer their holdings to the Earn balance.


External Balance

Do you have PCL outside the App or have it stored in wallets?

    Connect those external wallets to our SAIΞVE app to consolidate all your PCL holdings in one place, and benefit from the loyalty program, because we monitor your external wallet PCL holding to calculate the ratio that determines your Membership Level.


Earn Balance 

    We charge fees paid in PCL once profits are made and Earn Balance is meant to pay fees (Earn accounts)

Want to save fees?  

     Our Membership program allows our users to save fees according to the ratio of PCL holding to the assets under management in their Earn accounts.

When users have more PCL, then they can upgrade to upper membership levels. In this way, they can have fewer fees and have more fees distributed to themselves. 

Membership Level

How do we boost your earnings?

     The new Peculium Membership program is a three-tiered system with Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels that extend advantages based on the number of PCL Tokens you have throughout your SAIVE Earn accounts, as aggregated in the Savings (Portfolio) Balance. The Savings Balance is the total USD value of all assets (crypto-assets and Stablecoins) in your Earn accounts. It will be noticeable in your Dashboard

     The ratio of PCL Tokens to other Managed Assets (PCL Ratio) in your Earn Accounts determines your membership level. Simply put, the more PCL you have, the higher the yield.

Your Membership level is dynamic and rewards will be distributed based accordingly and you may upgrade at any moment to take advantage of a larger Earning bonus!

     When a user is a gold member, the user is eligible to be part of bonus rewards and will have more extra features and a chance to increase their earnings.



So, what are you waiting for? Buy More PCL, increase your PCL Ratio, upgrade yourself to higher membership levels, and enjoy more benefits and rewards.



So, what's next?

     We would be delighted to hear your opinions on the features, improvements and what you'd want to see from us in the future. Please feel free to respond - we're all ears.


     So, having gone through our dashboard features and their look, are you eager and excited to start using it right now? Wait, no more. Follow these steps and enjoy our dashboard. 

  • Visit our newly designed website
  • Click Get Started and join the waitlist. 
  • Once your account is accepted, register yourselves.
  • Link your Binance Account to our SAIΞVE app.
  • Onboard your Idle USDT holdings in your Binance exchange.
  • Sit back, relax and monitor your portfolio with our exciting dashboard Features.



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