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Introducing SAIΞVE's new Earn Features!

     At Peculium, we pride ourselves on our commitment to users. Today, we are proud to announce that Peculium has launched many new features so that our customers may now manage their portfolios with unprecedented convenience and transparency. Our easy-to-use platform features provide our customers with the best possible way to invest and save in cryptocurrencies. 

    Thanks to the new analytics features, our users will be able to get more about the portfolio, how their portfolio performs, and make informed investment decisions. Thanks to the new Earnfeatures, our users will be able to make informed investment decisions thanks to expert insights and data. We will go through the exciting  Earn Features,  in this article

Portfolio Balance

     On the Balance screen, you can view your historical net balance over different periods. This provides insight into how your portfolio has grown over time, and the opportunity to analyze periods of high and low returns.


P&L Analysis  

Want to make smart investment decisions?

     With data-driven portfolio analysis, you can empower yourself to make better investing decisions. The Profit / Loss screen aims to give you a more realistic view of your portfolio's performance, by displaying Profit and Loss calculated on a monthly basis. Here, we focus more on Realized profit and loss. Simply defined, your unrealized profit examines the performance of your existing assets, but your realized profit reflects the earnings you made when you sold an asset. 

     Here a user has two options to view his / her profit and loss. It can be viewed either in terms of real value or in terms of percentage (at the end of each month, compared to what he/she had at the beginning of the month).


Coming Soon

      For even deeper analysis, the SAIΞVE App will display soon profit and loss per asset in addition to your portfolio's total profit and loss, allowing you to identify opportunities in specific assets, along with making smarter investment decisions


Portfolio Allocation

Are you lacking in tools to analyze your Portfolio Diversification?    

 When it comes to financing and the security of assets, it is always good to diversify your assets. Our AI detects short-term opportunities to allow diversification. By using this feature, users gain diversified exposure to a selected basket of top-performing assets with AIΞVE. People can now have in real-time their portfolio allocation in terms of assets. You can look at the percentage breakdown of your assets, and hence you can see how your portfolio is weighted. You can invest in different coins and this view will change dynamically when the short-term opportunities are converted into profits in USDT. You will have short-term diversification of your portfolio to get back in USDT and see your USDT holdings grow and hence users can enjoy the valuation of their USDT growing.

Trades History 

From this feature, people can get the history of all executed trades in real-time. One can view the Realized profit of each coin inside History and export all the data from there in a CSV format. 

What should you do next?

 All of our feature enhancements aim to make it simpler, easier, and more powerful for our users. We would be delighted to hear your opinions on the features, improvements and what you'd want to see from us in the future. Please feel free to respond - we're all ears.

So, after going through this, are you excited about using our latest features in our app? Do not wait !! Follow these simple steps to start using our features

  • Visit our newly designed website
  • Click Get Started and join the waitlist. 
  • Once your account is accepted, register yourselves.
  • Link your Binance Account to our SAIΞVE app.
  • Onboard your Idle USDT holdings in your Binance exchange.
  • Sit back, relax and let our app do the rest for you.


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