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At the present time in the hunt for the secret, an interesting discovery made by participants. A collection of Smart Contracts found on the Ethereum Network and ERC-20 Tokens that may hold a key to the secret.

With this in mind, the discovery has not been confirmed but is absolutely worth noting.

To make sense of all the information, first, let’s remember the IUM found in various messages made by Rashid. He mentioned this recently in the comment:


“An indication for the end of the ICO
On the 19 ways of secret, follow the path of birds. The mathematical formula is there.
369IUM, Solidus, bird, timestamp”

There are two words to focus on here. First of all, he states the 19 ways of the secret and Secondly, IUM.

Furthermore, I posted a list of these tokens. Organized from first to last by the creation dates. All of the tokens were created by a single Ethereum address as well. Meaning the same person(s) who own this address have also created all these tokens/contracts. The first thing I want to point out is that each of the names of these tokens ends in the word IUM.Second of all, I want to point out that there are 19  nineteen unique tokens. However, two of the tokens have been created twice which results in 21 tokens. Significantly leaving19 unique names

The Tokens:

List of the contract address, the name of the token, and ticker:

  • 0x1930c3046a7eabf747503170e8d48b1858af34c5 PARRIUM (PAR)
  • 0x9a08248641afc1cca815f32938e586219d1adcef PARRIUM (PAR)
  • 0x4dcd102c60a262c6471794da3ed6cc37977d8910 RUDIUM (RUDY)
  • 0x30198886e2c515c8fdbcde645eaa58c16c0e84cf MULLETIUM (MLT)
  • 0xd216c12e89ac892e944edf6c947c860681ef18da KNIGHTIUM (KNIT)
  • 0x0221045d7c72150edcecb020ebf60f68942ac936 KNIGHTRIUM (KNIT)
  • 0xce2da89d1aa3249affb5200c3220c1a9f238c0ca AGGIUM (AGGI)
  • 0xa34b0e9347a4d9bb59de4ef626aec67a324066b0 BUCKIUM (BUCK)
  • 0xbbd9d91dc983a5cd1ce3584c9817a9002d0c5f31 PANTHERIUM (ROAR)
  • 0x22ec97b47b64cd38d7fb38bb4508aa10775ed742 GATORIUM (GAT)
  • 0x692ab1dd7afafe296e6f0d2a8f5a54e5c5f7392d GOPHERIUM (GOFR)
  • 0x3aeccf7c58d5f66457a5addc4f27b56849fdd0ad DEVILIUM (DVL)
  • 0x7b542e03c73f64503d7e231dddb08c08b70023e1 SPARTANIUM (SPR)
  • 0x2a4a075b305a590944e751b6b2811b4b9d1ca41b COUGARIUM (COUG)
  • 0xa1e9e5b4fd6e0c36cda1ed5bb377e5fcd4ed5bdb HUSKIUM (HSKY)
  • 0x55de1300690deac6ef1851d6dd9f6d25415cd9bd PECULIUM (PEC)
  • 0x6309CdEA85713e2FF333cD21392f1F3c3DAD9f8D HARMONIUM (STIG)
  • 0x3D4117F9Ca28856ceB5C1D0CA729C53AbA8390D8 WOLFIUM (WOLF)
  • 0x9b758AE68d6b9518913409a4eBc4119d12b90eD8 SPINNERIUM (SPIN)
  • 0x406104f45b2ff5CB4280897ffB2E2BbD3E4F7454 SEMINOLIUM (SMNL)
  • 0x11A7A1AFB7e1A725640736B009b3d796B75dF6e8 SEMINOLIUM (SMNL)


Remember, no confirmation has been made to validate the discovery but the facts remain. It seems to be too coincidental, particularly in this case.

One theory I personally have had is that if the secret resides within an Ether address then there must be some key or formula that would lead us to decrypt a private key.

Also worth noting is the one other token in the wallet that was not created by the main address. This token is Chainlink and they deposited 15 Chainlink into the wallet of the creator(s).

Relying on timestamps alone and with the way, blocks are confirmed seems like it would not be quite reliable for time management. For this reason, it seems unlikely hash cipher could be made using the timestamps. The names of the tokens and the ticker names made for these contract, however, tell a different story. These may actually be a way to reverse create the hash of the private key to gain access to an address. In either case, this is merely a theory.

Important to realize is that the PEC contract address related to the IUM token received 5,796.43044616 PCL. The real Peculium or original old contract before the update that it.

In other words, someone likely sent PCL tokens to the PEC address for a reason. Unfortunately, it may be yet another coincidence.

Ultimately the secret challenge is far from over because the names of each IUM token may also have significance. Many of the names can be traced back to software applications. Even large cats and military ranking and colors for example. Until we have confirmation from the CEO this path remains dead.

Does anything stand out for you?

Please share your ideas and join us in the search.

Either way here is the link to the creator of the tokens address on Etherscan.

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