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Le Chercheur (The Seeker)

The Seeker

You are the seeker, an important aspect which takes part in the search. You are what represents each function of the community as a whole. Without each individual, teamwork is negligible and all efforts are futile. The stakes are high with a one million dollar reward, so naturally, each individual will want to be the victor in this game of secrets. Imagine what you would do, what you could do, with a safety net in your life. Money cannot buy happiness but to the right people, it can provide the things they need to be happy. People who are anxious because of requirements in life build by societies to keep money moving and business growing. For some, it is difficult to overcome these obstacles due to pecuniary reasons. However, it is not fair to punish the rich or the poor, for both sides are equally guilty. Both having their contentions within their own circles of life, which is where you come in.

Personal Responsibility

Whether you want to call it teamwork, society, class status or inner circles does not matter. None of these ideas can function on blind coaction alone, there would be no momentum. It starts with each individuals determination. A team or society with people that all have this determination can at this point work together to make a difference. Your self-preservation will help you in this challenge because of that motivation to be the first to find the next step. Think of it as a machine with gears. Each gear serves its own purpose and as a whole, they serve a universal purpose. Just one gear, not functioning could mean disaster for the end result. So while yes teamwork is important, it is important to notice that you as individuals are important too.

Are We Really All Alone?

In your perception of reality, you are essentially alone. Explained in Quantum Physics the very act of observing changes the environment around you. As shown in an experiment at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Researchers have shown the act of measurement or observation affected the way a beam of electrons behaved. In short, with no observation, the electrons acted more like waves of potential. However, when observed they behaved as particles. They exist in all possibilities much like the ides behind Schrödinger’s cat.

So become the seeker, the observer,  discover the potential of this secret. Isolate the parts that behave as matter and then share that information to grow the community as a whole.

Selfishness and Selflessness

Acting selflessly is a paradox because when you act is it not for some purpose? When you volunteer you do it for a reason, a reason for extra credit in school, or maybe a self-gratification that makes you feel important. Sure it helps those in need but in the end, it was a part of some form of self-preservation. You are in this secret challenge to search for a reward, whether it be monetary or just a feeling of accomplishment.

Some of the seekers who have remained active throughout this challenge are some very extraordinary people. Full of knowledge, creativity, and humor. They share their findings. They progress the challenge. It is amazing to see what one seeker of the challenge can do, as you may see. There will be a point of complacency, followed by a chain reaction of brilliance. All it takes is one individual having a notion. This notion sparks new ideas by all members and suddenly you have a symphony of discoveries. Upon these discoveries, at times we are gifted with new information, which leads to more coaction amongst the secret challenge. Even if no traction is made in the path of the secret a pool of new knowledge was gifted amongst the community and that is something you will always take with you.

Each person in a sense represents a style of human intelligence. Assuming this challenge directly feeds the learning process for an AI, we are feeding this process with an ingenious method of deep learning. Through human language, we are not just supplying basic facts but brainstorming every potential connection we can think of. Giving the AI insight into human intuition and creativity.

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