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Meet the team : Jorge Rodríguez – CSO

Jorge Rodríguez passionate about the information and technology sector. Ethical hacker since age 12, the expert in computer security, Blockchain developer, project-marketing-social manager.I’ve worked with large multinationals and discovered security holes in the most reliable systems on the planet. Passionate about security and the Blockchain.

As the main value helping people have to be safe and add value to the global internet network.

I love the Peculium project. His vision of the future in computer security is something like a computer imitates our immune system to protect. Instead of defending a system with barricades and walls against hackers, create systems capable of defending themselves when someone tries to attack them.

That is why both sectors join artificial intelligence with security to create a unique immune and unique system.

There is still no system of this style so Jorge Rodriguez is happy to combine a vision of technological security with artificial intelligence to launch Peculium, the safest and most advanced Blockchain saves the platform.

There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy, the will,” unite AI + Security is to create the future in the present.

I am delighted to work with a team as professional as the one of Peculium.

To succeed in a project you must divide the knowledge and unite the people, in this way the growth will be unlimited.”

He also declares himself an admirer of his Rachid CEO, who is an admirable leader and thinker with a huge future vision.



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