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Meet the team : Robby Schwertner

Previously Robby managed R&D funds for Smart City and Urban Technology projects, including nanotech and sustainable energy services, alternating frequently between Europe and China.

He is the founder of HackerTracker, an initiative that monitors and maintains the security of blockchain projects.

His services focus on building growth for blockchain ventures with a clear added value for people and cultures across the globe, with the contribution to society. His mission: to support projects with growth perspective and a #ReturnOnSociety! being a platform for the management of savings of people with the help of AIEVE, an artificial intelligence robot fits perfectly to that mission. helps to keep savings of people safe and even increase them through automated careful trading.

Robby will support both by advising the team on product development from a community perspective as well as supporting on all his channels including his blog

Peculium is not a tool to make the rich even richer. It is an advisor who helps people caring for their earnings, which they saved for their loved ones”. Robby Schwertner





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