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Peculium Tokenomics Update | New Tier Based Membership Program

Note: This blog is not meant to be investment advice nor a solicitation for acquisition of PCL tokens.
The full list of Disclaimers at the bottom of this blog post.


The Peculium token, PCL, has been part of the ecosystem since our inception over 3 years ago. It's design and usage have remained largely the same over this time, while the products have made profoundly important progress. It is time the PCL model pulls itself up to keep pace with — and enhance — the SAIΞVE product suite.

The simplicity of PCL’s economic model makes it quick for people to understand so that it’s easy to onboard new community members. The more understandable the model is, the easier it is to spread. Conversely, the more complicated the economics are, the less likely the token is to reach mass adoption.

The economic model of our products is so simple you can express it in one sentence:


We believe that higher yields will lead to more desire to hold PCL, thus driving more demand, all of which we BELIΞVE will bring long-term benefits for Peculium. 

An advantage of this simple model is that it becomes easy for users to project their future rewards and it becomes easy for token holders to project future circulating supply. This predictability gives the PCL ecosystem a stable economic base for our stakeholders to rely on.

Simply put, we are injecting the economic value created on PCL into the Peculium stakeholders ecosystem. We are taking what Peculium does best — predicting and investing in crypto-assets — and linking the value generated from that activity to the Peculium stakeholders.

If you’re new to Peculium, we invite you to review the initial announcement and examine the Peculium documentation to get up to speed.

With the first installment of the PCL Tokenomics series, we present to you the new PCL Membership program. Designed to give you the ultimate ease-of-use and flexibility to manage your assets, it goes live on our platform in the end of Q1 2021.  

All you need to know about Peculium’s Membership Levels

Peculium offers three standards of membership associated with specific advantages for its users. In this article, you will learn about the benefits reserved for users at each of these levels  - and the criteria that need to be met to switch from one to another.


Your Loyalty is valued

We believe that simple, yet proven business models work best and are reflecting this in our Tokenomics, rewarding you for your loyalty to Peculium and our native token PCL. With this core belief in mind, the new Membership program is a simple and efficient system that unifies our previous fees discounts, fees burning mechanism, and free crypto withdrawals, making it easier to leverage your benefits, while giving the PCL Token even greater utility.

Are you wondering what the Bronze, Silver, and Gold standards of the Peculium ecosystem correspond to, and how to make the most of our solution? Here is a complete summary of our three membership levels.

The new Peculium Membership program is a three-tier system, comprising Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, which extends benefits depending on the amount of PCL Tokens you hold across your SAIΞVE Earn accounts, as combined in the Savings (Portfolio) Balance. The Savings Balance is the combined value in USD of all the assets (cryptoassets and stablecoins) in your Earn accounts. It will be visible in your newly redesigned Home Dashboard. 

The new Membership program bases rewards tiers on the Ratio of PCL Tokens to the value of all other coins held in your SAIΞVE Earn accounts.

If your balance in PCL is 10% or more of your Earn accounts, you're eligible for greater earning rewards!   

Rewards will begin at the Bronze level with 10% or more of your total wallet balance in PCL tokens. If your PCL balance is 15–20% of your total wallet balance, you’re a Silver member, and Gold status is reserved for those who have more than 20% of their Earn accounts balance in PCL tokens. 

As you gradually move up the membership levels, you increase the return on your savings.


How to progress onto the next Membership level

Each membership level depends on your involvement in the Peculium ecosystem, which is calculated based on the percentage of Peculium tokens you hold. To progress through the various membership levels, you simply need to increase your PCL (Loyalty) Ratio.

Your PCL Ratio corresponds to the percentage of Peculium tokens held by the user, compared with all of the other assets under management traded in Peculium products. 




Peculium Membership level rewards

With a PCL ratio of less than 10%, you do not qualify for any benefits yet. But as soon as you cross this threshold, you immediately become eligible for rewards!


With a PCL ratio between 10% and 15%, you enter the Bronze Level and
benefit from an additional return of 5% on your profits*.


With a PCL ratio between 15% and 20%, you enter the Silver Level and
benefit from an additional return of 15% on your profits*.


Last but not least, with a PCL ratio above 20%, you enter the Gold Level and maximize your crypto-financial power, with an additional return of 25% on your profits*.

*The additional rewards are paid in PCL on a weekly basis.


Let’s imagine you have $1,000 of assets under management invested in Peculium products, $90 of which is held in PCL.

Your PCL ratio equals 9% ($90/$1000), thus, you are at the basic level and do not benefit from any specific advantage.

Let's assume that your Earn account offers you 40% APY, which means that you will earn +$400 (+50%*$1000) profits.

Now, let’s imagine that you increase your PCL balance from $90 to $200 while maintaining a total of $1,000 of assets under management invested in Peculium products.
Your new PCL ratio now equals 20% ($200/$1000), meaning you join the Gold Membership level from the next PCL update
and your savings now yield an additional return of 25% on your profits - ie +$100 ($400*25%). In this case, your total earn profits are: +$500

How will it work?

If you’re a PCL holder, you will be automatically enrolled in the Peculium Membership Program! 

Your Membership level is dynamic and calculated twice a day in your SAIΞVE app. To find your membership level, You will go to the Home or Membership menus in the upcoming app. All you will have to do first is to set up your PCL balance in the SAIΞVE App. Rewards will be distributed on a weekly basis. PCL will also be used to incentivize behavior that is beneficial for the Peculium ecosystem.


Since February 28, 2021, we implemented some exciting updates to the Membership program within the App, so keep reading to find out how you can take advantage of it as a loyal Peculium holder.

Whether you are new to crypto or you have accumulated significant wealth thanks to it, the Membership program benefits everyone equally. Rather than taking the total value of your digital assets into consideration, the membership program uses the proportion of PCL Tokens in your Earn accounts in relation to all your assets to calculate your bonuses. This is an inclusive scheme that fosters and promotes wider crypto adoption.


If you still don’t hold PCL, make sure to prepare to feed your PCL Balance in the SAIΞVE App.




Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, communications from Peculium  are intended solely for informational purposes,
and should not be construed as investment advice and are not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy,
sell, or hold any tokens mentioned.


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