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Peculium Updates: Believe's New Payment Methods & the next big milestone ahead

EUR-deposit via SEPA now available + a teaser for something great to come in 2019


Even if we’ve seemed a bit quiet lately, be assured the team worked hard behind the scenes in order to continue to achieve our goal of creating a savings platform available, rewarding and affordable to people from all walks of life.


Pathing the way to an even wider audience, we are proud to announce that we most recently added new methods to deposit funds to BeliEve.


In result all BeliEve-customers will now be able to choose from a wide range of assets to get started with their savings-account driven by our Artificial Intelligence engine “AIEVE”:

You can now use:


- Tether (USDT)**

- Bitcoin (BTC)

- Ethereum (ETH)

- Litecoin (LTC)


How the backend- workflow will change:


- AIEVE will exchange any EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC you have deposited to USDT.

- all trading-activities performed by our AI-engine will remain on USDT-trading-pairs.

- all withdrawals will remain in USDT**.

If you have been out of the loop for a while: BeliΞVE is our fully automated savings application that provides insights of your investment and its performance in real time and will manage and grow your portfolio without you lifting a finger. 


So now you are new to BeliEve and interested to join? How to do that?

We will guide you through the initial steps before the fully automated. Just find “Use AIEVE” in the top-right corner at, register/login and follow the onboarding-process.

Download the App:




Last but not least we are quite confident that we will get the beta-version of our next product ready by October 2019!

ALTERUS will be an end-to-end smart-contract designed specifically for large businesses and financial institutions. Compared to the SOLIDUS, it provides far greater control over saving-management parameters allowing financial institutions to appeal to brokers in delegation of management. ALTERUS with SOLIDUS will provide a broad spectrum of flexibility and autonomy over the savings management.


A lightning-fast time-travel into our most recent blog-post (published June 24th):

We are proud to let you know that for the first time we have crossed the astonishing mark of 700,000 USDT that are managed by AIΞVE through BeliΞve simultaneously.

  • Current AUM (Assets under management): 703,566k$
  • Success and Completion rate on all trades: > 99%
  • Average ROI across all portfolios during the Beta: 8.1% 



*Please note that a fee of €10,00 will occur for every EUR-transaction to cover the bank-cost
** Please note that Binance switched their Tether-addresses from Omni to ERC20 (and thus ours as well as yours) So whenever you use Tether for BeliEve, please make sure that your corresponding address is ERC20-compatible.

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