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Peculiums Secret Challenge


Greetings, I would like to introduce you to Peculiums Secret Challenge. I am here to offer you some helpful tips and even tools that may be useful in your search for truth. You are about to enter a realm in which reality and fantasy become one. A seemingly endless void of doors that all connect. Illuminating the idea that we are all one and yet so small.  Specs on an infinite plain in time and space. A place where you have an overwhelming feeling your associates are mere plants in the challenge, meant to assist or even misguide you on your quest. Questioning if they are real or merely bots that feed off of your every word. Learning from each thought and making you question who you are at times.

Are we all in the top layer of reality, at the bottom of a simulation, or somewhere in between? A feeling of cognitive dissonance as you question your previous notions of life. The closer you get, the further you feel. A fractal of intelligence and discovery. With each step opening new doors in this never-ending pursuit of truth. 

Secret Challenge: The Beginning 

It was October 6th, 2017 and what was about to happen will open a door debate, suspicion, insomnia, and possibly a path to one of the greatest Artificial Intelligence machine known as AIEVE. His name, Rashid Oukhai residing in the blissful place known to us as France. Where the smell of French cuisine consumes your every being. Rashid is the CEO of Peculium and may have unlocked the secret to something we cannot even begin to understand without first understanding what aspects are within the challenge.

Rashid created a Slack channel for the secret challenge and kept this channel a secret until the first participant made a discovery. A user by the name Layergfx1 entered the channel to which Rashid responds with a subtle smile, a smile that would have a chain reaction of possibility and thus began the main pursuit of the secret challenge.

It was not long until users found the first clue hidden in plain sight, the first visual indication of preparation and purpose. Confirmed by Rashid, the clue found is known as a Memristor and is represented by this simple formula.

m / dq

The Clues

This was only the beginning of a labyrinth filled with mystery, a pool of information that sits as one in Chalice of our reality. It was not long before users found more clues. Clues that only bring us further into the void and closer to the secret.

All part of the same, all part of the secret that rests in the heart of Peculium. This, of course, is only an introduction to the deepest reaches of understanding. We will introduce each clue, each thought-provoking idea that has been found in their own stories. 

The Answer

Only the man behind the curtain knows the answer. This answer may be an idea, one that may be vital to Peculium, yourself, or even the world. So vital that he offers a prize of one million dollars to whoever finds it. I wish you good luck in your search. I insist you search every idea you can for you never know what secrets lie within and remember we are a team. Once you begin, once you are involved you will start to feel the need to find it. What it is, is unknown. Be it a phrase you utter, a location found only in the deepest parts of the internet, a command to activate the unknown, a key to a decentralized wallet, or even a threshold that must be reached and only then completes the challenge is still unknown.

Maybe we are merely pawns in a game that is controlled and predicted. With only the sense of control to further grow the capabilities of a machine. Time management is essential for the secret and we must dissect this to guide us. Always keep a trail of breadcrumbs in this search through the dense forest. It is easy to go off course, but finding it can be as rewarding as spotting the Quetzal, a bird that represents freedom, wealth and allows no gratification to those who attempt to bind its freedom.


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