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Private Sale Info

Start Date : December 31, 2020
 End Date : January 31, 2021


New Era of Savings

With bank savings account interest rates close to zero, alternatives need to be found for both personal and business savings. We are developing SAIΞVE App that addresses the financial needs of today's consumers worldwide through a high-interest income.

The main motivations for considering cryptocurrency investment in the current environment could be:

  • Finding an alternative to the record low interest rates on bank savings accounts.
  • Finding diversification away from a seemingly irrational stock market.

Cryptocurrency Interest Account

Crypto savings accounts work in a similar way to normal bank savings accounts. In a nutshell, you lend money to an institution, which lends your assets to borrowers in need of liquidity. However, these loans are relatively secure since the loan providers ask the borrowers to deposit crypto assets themselves, as security for the loan.

Most providers ask for a ‘loan-to-value’ ratio of 50% meaning that if a borrower wants $1000 they’ll need to deposit $2000 worth of e.g Bitcoin as security for the loan.


Stocks with Dividends

For cryptocurrency that is not a stable coin (i.e., not tied to a fiat currency like US Dollar or euro), there are two methods that are similar to that of owning a stock that gives dividends. “Similar” is defined for these purposes as:

  • the value of the underlying asset can rise or fall (appreciate or depreciate) while the investor is holding it;
  • and the investor is paid a fee at some interval based on the value of the underlying asset.

The two methods are:

  • Interest Accounts - similar to the accounts discussed in the previous section, but with an asset that is not a stablecoin),
  • Staking - where there are rules for the particular blockchain that reward proof of ownership of that blockchain’s tokens).

Some crypto assets provide renumeration if those assets are held, or "staked". This is sometimes referred to as Proof of Stake, Proof of Ownership, Proof of Transfer or other terms.

In this Casen if the investor holds the asset in a particular account, a “dividend” is provided to the investor for holding in the same asset. Blockchains do this for a variety of reasons, including ensuring stability and security of the blockchain itself.

The current best example of this is holding the cryptocurrency Ethereum.


Token Sets

For more experienced investors, some techniques are conveniant such as crypto Stop-loss orders which means rebalancing from a volatile cryptocurrency into one built to mimic global fiat currencies such as the US Dollar. An alternative to holding a potentially volatile token while earning interest is to employ a methodology similar to stock market stop-loss orders. A stop-loss order allows the investor to put an order in place at a price lower than the current price of a stock to limit the amount of losses incurred if the price drops. Certain cryptocurrencies offer a similar ability through the use of smart contracts.

Our Approach

What Makes us unique

Our BELIΞVE Account account doesn't require any investment knowledge. We wanted to make this account accessible to everyone.

As an investor, you know that the return on any asset will fluctuate from day to day. This is also true for crypto Savings programs.

However, most crypto companies offer a fixed interest. While this may sound appealing on the surface, the truth is that they are hiding their total returns in that fixed rate. Often, this results in them taking the lion’s share of the returns for that day, rather than passing them onto their users.

One of our core values is transparency, which is why we don’t offer a fixed interest. Instead, our returns fluctuate to match the real market conditions. If the market is offering a higher return, you will benefit. This ensures you are getting the highest available rate for the best risk/return ratio, every time AIΞVE detects an opportunity.




Token Metrics

  • PCL is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • PCL is the native token of the SAIEVE platform.
  • Total Supply : 2,206,029,269 PCL tokens                    


Token Multi-utility


Unit of Account

PCL serves as the base unit of account in the SAIΞVE platform, pays for performances fees, and provides a wide suite of utility services.
25% of products performance PCL fees are burned, increasing scarcity of PCL.

Unit of Exchange

You can discover and use our extra Features (Coming soon) within our SAIΞVE Platform.

Burn mechanism

Benefit from a decrease in token supply when we use 25% of the revenue from the Peculium Ecosystem burn PCL tokens, creating scarcity and value for the long term

Reward the top Token Holders

Customers can be prioritized based on the number of tokens they hold and the number of days the tokens are held. They can also benefit from our upcoming loyalty program.

And much more utilities to come...

Learn more about PCL Multi-utility

We will give our Savers up to 100% of the value we create, driving PCL adoption and the value of our PCL treasury.

Where to buy PCL tokens

Traction and Adoption

1. Community development

More than 2K active users of our BELIEVE Account V1


2. Ecosystem and Business Development 

Hereafter an overview of our recent Business Development Pipeline:

  • Upcoming Partnership with leading infrastructure providers to connect to the fiat world
  • Onboarding best-in class tools to foster a robust development ecosystem on SAIEVE Platform
  • Unannounced work involving Financial Institutions, and actors in financial services

Who we are

Peculium is a team of early adopters of blockchain, data science experts, and tech fans.

We work together to balance experience and intelligence, with opportunity and innovation... to achieve something significant : to be positive disruptors – and to change the way people can harness data to invest and save. 

Our goal is to change the future of how savings are done.

Leadership Team


Private Sale

Following a successful Token Sale in 2017 which included over more than 6,000 retail participating members, Peculium is continuing its focus on empowering its global community adding hundreds of new community members as early stage investors.

Every decision we make as a company, big and small, must go through a very simple checklist: does it benefit the community. After allowing thousands to participate in our ICO, we are proud to enable our community to be the first to be the first to participate in our next fundraising tour (Private token sale). 

In order to be really successful, it is common to say that you need to make your big investors happy. And the only way to do that is by introducing private sales which in turn builds scopes for partnerships and relationships with funds in the future.

Private Sale is typically an early sale of tokens to investors that is unannounced to the common public. Interestingly, it is also recognized by the term “Institutional Round”. However, we usually hold stricter rules for partaking and are quite choosy about which investors we let into private sale events.


We are inviting partners to take advantage of the benefits of participating in SAIΞVE’s project fundraising. We’re excited to have private sale participants that are committed to supporting SAIΞVE, and building a savings platform driven by and for its community.

The tokens are intended to be the utility tokens at the heart of the SAIΞVE Platform. 

Token holders will experience benefits across cryptocurrency exchanges and are expected to obtain benefits from future Saieve projects, products, and services. 

We looking forward to completing our private sale within the next 7 days, although there is no requirement that it do so.

For any questions or clarifications needed, interested parties may


One-to-one calls or interviews are carried out to ensure if investors acknowledge the private sales goals.

Thank your for helping us shape the future of Savings.




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