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Short Introduction:

I would like to introduce Peculiums Secret Challenge in a short message for newcomers who feel overwhelmed with information. Also to those who just want a quick rundown of what the secret challenge is.

Unfortunately, I can only say so much….

It’s a Secret!

Not because I cant, but because in fact, even I do not know.

First of all, The Secret Challenge was created by Peculiums CEO Rashid Oukhai.

Secondly, It offers 1,000,000 dollars to whoever finds the secret.

Third, only the CEO knows the answer.

Finally, The CEO has left some clues along the way and to understand the full scope of this you must first read previous clues. All which are allocated and written on these blogs for your benefit.

Secret Challenge Tips:

Altogether teamwork is vital to find the secret, for relying on your own means would be futile. However individual pursuit is also very vital.

The way in which the secret is to be found is in itself a secret, that is to say, I don’t know!  It may be a place to find, a phrase or even a command. By all means, come help us solve this!

It is up to you and the help of others to put the pieces together. Remember to make good use of the blogs and visit the Secret Challenge Telegram Channel link below for discussing anything about the challenge.

Also, you will find links to Peculium social media sites and a Secret Challenge Wiki page.

To summarize some of the present clues. Quetzal, Tesla, Volta, Memristor, Lighthouse, Timestamps, Combinatorics.

Definitely,  visit the Telegram channel and do not hesitate to ask for help. I highly suggest you do Obviously you want to find the answer for yourself. However, we are all in this together. I hope to see you around and good luck!



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