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Symbolism, Allegory & Metaphors (part one)


Symbolism attributes to imagery or ideas that represent a particular meaning. It may be represented in a poetic writing or even subtle indications. Typically an allegory is used to be interpreted so one can reveal hidden meanings within writing or images. Metaphors are often used to represent a figure of speech. The secret challenge is no exception to this idea of symbology. Each clue, image, and phrase all seem to have a very deliberate purpose. Which can all be connected in ways that extend beyond a literal path. I would like to thank one of our most active participants, Mape for collaborating these symbolic connections and being a vital part of the challenge.

The connections travel very deep down the rabbit hole, even our very own Mape has a seemingly deliberate connection. If you refer to this ( AIEVE : A lesson to predict the future) Medium article that mentions (mean absolute percentage error [ M.A.P.E ] )  Mean absolute percentage error is the measure of prediction accuracy of a forecasting method in statistics, which is very vital for AIEVE. Some might even argue our beloved Mape is himself AI. Though it is merely a coincidence and yet another connection to form a unified web of ideas. This will be part one of an ongoing effort to organize some of our symbolic findings in phrases, imagery and other notable events you will find in Peculium. Starting with the Quetzal, since this is one of the most prevalent ones in the secret challenge so far and one path that we have been able to navigate appropriately.


As stated in previous blogs the Quetzal symbolizes liberty, freedom and it even is rumored to deny the gratification of its captors by killing itself. The Quetzal is considered divine and associated with the snake god  Quetzalcoatl by Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations.Worshiped by the Mayans as a symbol of light and good. Not only that but the Maya viewed the Quetzal to be symbolic of freedom and wealth. Peculium is about freedom, wealth, liberty and good. A way for anyone to live independently, to live free from captivity, in the monetary prison. It is not just about wealth but financial freedom, to live your life and built your bright future.

The Quetzal is not only the national bird of Guatemala but also is their currency. The Quetzal being viewed as such a valuable bird had its tail feathers used as currency for the Mayan civilizations. Before 1987 the Guatemalan Quetzal was pegged to the US one dollar but the strange connection here is that before being pegged to the US dollar it was pegged to the French currency the Franc. France is the birthplace and home of Peculium.

An interesting fact about Guatemala is a town called Quetzaltenango, which is near volcanoes. One volcano that is divided into the districts of Quetzaltenango and Solola is called Volcán Santo Tomás (also known as Volcán Pecul). Peculium is the company, with its token being called a Pecul (PCL). It is hard to imagine that this is merely a coincidence. However, it may be the act of a higher degree of consistency found in our universe.

Birds, Swarms, and Algorithms

When you look up in the sky you may notice a sense of wonder. Empty space, vast distance or even freedom. Throughout mankind, we strived to reach for the stars. Always watching birds in envy. As they, without the need for engineering, can take flight. Free to glide in the empty air, true freedom.

Two brothers named Orville and Wilbur Wright also had this dream of flight. They where the first documented successful individuals to take flight in a controlled engine powered machine. December 17, 1903, they flew in their design at Kitty Hawk North Carolina and were the first to create the airplane. Since then, people wanted more, thus began the need to reach higher altitudes and higher velocity. This challenge quickly turned into the need to reach the outer layers of our atmosphere and into space.

July 20, 1969, Lunar Module Eagle landed a man on the moon, Apollo 11. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first humans on the moon. In a matter of 66 years, we went from the first powered flight in the air to landing man on the surface of the moon. Our determination, competition, and wonder brought us to achieve great things. It was not a matter of which country accomplished this first. Rather, in my opinion, it was the collective need of humans to land on the moon. If it was not the United States, it would have been another country, so in the end, humans have landed on the moon regardless of which soil we stood on.

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