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The Man Behind the Curtain

Such as mice in a maze being watched by an all-knowing entity, we navigate our way through the paths of the secret. Either they lead to truth or an unfortunate dead end. Each choice we make is ours. Yet all of our choices are seemingly controlled by the force that created this laborious challenge. The man behind the curtain, the CEO of Peculium and ringmaster of the secret challenge. Rashid comes from the land of French cuisine and breathtaking landmarks. France, which also happens to be home to another challenge many years ago. Sur la trace de la chouette d’or  rather, in English, On the Trail to the Golden Owl. Much like this Secret Challenge, the Golden Owl is a French treasure hunt that took research, determination, and teamwork.

Man Behind the Curtain

Rashid watches despite appearing to not be present. He provides some hints or clues to help guide us along our way. We may be all part of an open sandbox challenge left with our own accord to solve the challenge. However, perhaps we are just part of a carefully calculated and predictive timeline of events. Either way, as participants we will be rewarded for our discoveries, with knowledge and even monetary gain. Below you will find some quotes left by Rashid. Hopefully, these may bring some illumination to your quest

…..if not only more questions.

In the Beginning:

October 10th 2017 via Slack

“We are really glad to have you among our community and to see you available in our channels. The secret challenge is still open during its 5 days old, two clues have been discovered but there’s still too many on the road, similar to the road took on 18 February 1745. Exploring the flow on this channel, you can notice all several exchanges and ideas, that’s already started to take place.


Rashid Oukhai CEO “

In the light of this comment, this is what led to the clue about Alessandro Volta. The indication of February 18th, 1745, which is the year he was born. The potential indication here leads us to the NVIDIA VOLTA. New GPU Architecture, Designed to Bring AI to Every Industry.

And It Got Deeper…


“An indication for the end of the ICO
On the 19 ways of secret, follow the path of birds. The mathematical formula is there.
369IUM, Solidus, bird, timestamp”

As much as we have previously talked about this comment, the best indication we have is the need for a formula. Maybe one that leads directly to the secret or a means to solve a cryptic message. Furthermore, 369IUM has been mentioned on other occasions, which also has been talked about before. 

“ I UM 369 EVE”

Rashid appears to be a very careful and calculated man. A man who is humble. Furthermore, at times even humorous with this unspoken comment.

“Find the pizza and you will find the 9 slices. 1 slice will contain a quetzal instead of chicken. Good luck.”

The nature of his clues in themselves require deciphering which may or may not lead us to the secret. As well as the way we interpret the clues which may dictate our focus. Consequently, this may lead ourselves to endless connections and confusion. Further showing us how our perception of what we want these messages to mean, can lead us on unnecessary paths. Paths that were manifested by our own need to be right.

Seems Like Its Drifting Further:

Another comment made by Rashid that we, as far as I know, have no indications for. As a result, they reside as theory or speculation.













12-12-2018 “

It appears to indicate some function that takes place for AIEVE and following 12-12-18 we will see what will unfold. It also coincides with the beginning of the three smart contracts that will release in 2019. Then again this may be a methodical timeline for the secret.

In addition, this next comment shows the need for research and teamwork. It also shows the careful consideration and planning taken when creating this challenge.

“This is not a clue. It takes a lot of precision and deep research to find the secret. There are 19 paths. We had given up the timestamps because of site changes and emergency management, but it still remains a path. it is impossible to find the secret without the 9 way combinatorics. He cannot be found without group work. You imagine well that 9 years to set it up and 1 million to find it. It’s not that simple.


Rashid Oukhai”

As a result it appears he leaves us with an indication of paths, via a 9 way combinatorial. As we have also stressed the need for individual research and transparency for proper coaction, we are left with only cryptic messages. Hence, the man behind the curtain. While they seem mysterious now, perhaps after the challenge is completed they will seem almost too direct and revealing. Maybe we should take time to appreciate the careful consideration taken when creating this challenge and thank him for this opportunity. For the new found knowledge you may obtain and the chance for a life-changing reward.

Small Indicators:

Also worth noting, we will see Rashid comment on various theories regarding the secret. Almost subtly, he posts icons of a mushroom as well as the bird, in response to some seekers. The birds being, directly relatable to the path of birds and the Quetzal. Make sure to post anything you believe can be a new discovery because remember he is always watching.

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