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The Resplendent Quetzal

While searching the path for indications a gift was given to us in the form of an image and message. A file named ( i.u.m.3.6.9.jpg ) with an image of the Resplendent Quetzal, a small yet powerful symbol of the ancient Mayans. Rashid posts this Quetzal  along with a message:


“ I UM 369 EVE”

The search for the secret just opened a new path, but with one open there were endless choices to choose from. There are so many connections to the Quetzal it was mind-boggling. One thing to notice is its symbol of freedom and wealth. The Quetzal being so valuable in Central America gave birth to the Guatemalan Quetzal, a form of currency. It is an operating system called Quantum Quetzal, Ubuntu Linux version 12.10.

Dozens of images posted on Twitter, Medium are homes to a little white bird found in images that  Peculium posts. The white quetzal illustrations are often hidden in plain sight.

These could be indications of a path to follow, timestamps which lead to a place with answers. This could also just be a way for AI to track data with visual recognition. However, one thing was confirmed from this clue. It is a website called ( Home to the company known as Quertle. Quertle is an AI-based analytics platform for biomedical big data. It uses predictive visual analytics AI which allows for a truly effective tool in the medical field. This was confirmed as the right path by Rashid. Following this discovery, a confirmed clue linked to this company emerges. It was discovered on the Quertle Twitter page that the name Rigorous was right there in the header image. Rigorous is a veteran seeker who has been a valuable associate in the search.

It was then that Rashid comments with this message:

“@Rigorous is officially the 6th decimal of the PCL => look the timestamp”

This opens so many possibilities as to the meaning of this. It could mean Rigorous is part of the challenge as an insider. Perhaps it means he is am AML AI chatbot or even an AI digital twin helping us along the path. He may very well be just an innocent bystander, with a name that makes him appear suspicious. One idea could even mean that the participant themselves are representations of thought process, Rigorous being the 6th decimal in the machine learning exercise. If he is an AI chatbot, then that could mean there are more among us. Every participant at some point went through this. Questioning who is real and who is not. To this day I still have no solid proof they are not. It has become a joke even, and everyone is suspect, including Rigorous.

After the Rigorous discovery Rashid makes just one more comment that night:

“This is not a clue.
It takes a lot of precision and deep research to find the secret.                
There are 19 paths. We had given up the timestamps because of site changes and emergency management           
It is impossible to find the secret without the 9 way combinatorics.                
He cannot be found without group work.                
You imagine well that 9 years to set it up and 1 million to find it. It’s not that simple.                
Rashid Oukhai ”


Here we are, left with more questions than we had before the discovery. Now that we have gone over the timeline of events we will have to break down the information. To keep this clean and organized, I will leave this for a future post. 

“Find the pizza and you will find the 9 slices. 1 slice will contain a quetzal instead of chicken. Good luck.”

(Special thanks to Mape)

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