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AIΞVE, our artificial intelligence with unequaled abilities!

The AIs are developing at high speed and we are about to witness something spectacular!

Furthermore, Peculium offers you the possibility to win PCL with a selfie!

By joining the movement “We are all AIΞVE” you can contribute to making the whole world know about this revolutionary AI that will find its place in history!


How to Participate

Step 1: Print the mask (in the Contest Drive Folder below)

Step 2: Take a selfie with the mask on

Step 3: Post it to your social-media-channel(s) including the hashtags #WeAreAllAIEVE  #IamAIEVE #Peculium #Artificialintelligence on #blockchain @_Peculium

Step 4: Fill this registration Google-Form    Register Here!



What we’re looking for:

Selfies in a mall, in public places, with friends, with your family, with your colleagues, with your pet, or even with another robot!! Be creative!

What we’re not looking for:

Selfies alone in front of your PC, in the bathroom etc.

Come on now, at least be a little creative!


Every new selfie that you publish will give you 500 PCL!

For a selfie in front of a lighthouse, you will get 5000 PCL!


Relevant Links:

Contest Drive Folder: Click Here!
Peculium’s Website:


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