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Our world is changing and the digitalisation of the economy is changing the way financial services are accessed, delivered, and experienced.

As a pioneer in the field of "crypto-savings", Peculium is developing the first savings management platform in the cryptocurrency sector, based on Big Data, Machine Learning and natural language processing. These state-of-the-art techniques allow us to offer any investor the opportunity to protect and grow their money safely and secure for the long-term through retirement investing, education funding, emergency funding or the creation of a financial buffer for uncertain times. Our ambition is to relieve you of the burden of financial management, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest with your family and friends. Our goal is not only to challenge the status quo of savings & investment practices, but also revolutionizing the transparency, flexibility, and ease via greatly simplified of the user input and implementation of advanced technological strides behind the curtains. Our expertise is built on years of professional experience and is constantly evolving as we adapt to an ever-changing market. We strongly believe in a transparent and equal share of savings and have developed the first Artificial Intelligence Engine for the blockchain named AIEVE, which stands for Artificial intelligence, Ethics, Value, and Equilibrium. We are working hard on the democratization of savings and investment opportunities, especially for young or first-time savers. A small savings amount doesn't mean that it has no value or purpose. PECULIUM products are identical to the same ones that were usually reserved for big investors. In our eyes, there is no reason for such a distinction.

Our mission is to make our services and products easy to use, available and affordable to people from all walks of life.