Deadline For The Secret Challenge (Announcement)

May 6, 2018 Zander

Deadline For The Secret Challenge (Announcement)


The Secret Challenge has been educating and fun. So many bright individuals have come to illuminate us all with new knowledge. However, the time is coming to the end of the challenge.

In 27 days from the time of this post, the Secret Challenge will conclude.

If no one has found the solution by then, the top ten participants from the challenge will share the envelope of 10 million PCL.

– Mape

– Rigorous

– MadMax

– Gadz

– Kidparis

– Zander

– Layer1GFX

– Afrazium

– SirbuLucian

These individuals have exercised the most in the search and for their determination will be rewarded. Everyone so far has played a role in the challenge and we would like to thank everyone. There is still time though. There is still a chance for you to find it.

“For the bravest, there’s a lighthouse in the world, where I hid the answer five years ago.”

-Rachid, CEO


The conclusion of the “We Are All AIEVE” contest is also over! We have a Winner who put the final piece together of the problem.

Paris(AIEVE) – Byzantium(Solidus) – Alexandria(Lighthouse)


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