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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCL?
"Pécule" (PCL) means economy. The PCL is the utility token of the PECULIUM platform used to gain access to its various products. These products benefit from the AIEVE artificial intelligence engine.
PECULIUM is a revolutionary savings platform that seamlessly merges the traditional savings economy with the cryptocurrency markets through the power of automated machine learning, artificial intelligence (AML-AI), analytics “Big Data” and smart contracts on the Blockchain.
PECULIUM is the bridge between the traditional economy and the new era of the crypto-economy, reducing barriers, decreasing volatility, increasing transparency and trust and creating a mutually beneficial business. PECULIUM is the door designed to give you access to the best risk-benefit ratio for crypto-investments, whether you are an individual or an institution.
What is the PECULIUM savings platform?
PECULIUM is the first savings platform for individuals, brokers and financial institutions. PECULIUM performs trading operations on the cryptocurrency markets. PECULIUM brings the power of algorithmic trading to everyday users.
How much cash did PECULIUM raise during the ICO?
The PECULIUM ICO successfully raised 8,1millions.The PECULIUM community brings together thousands of people around the world.
Who is the PECULIUM team ?
The PECULIUM team is made up of 56 people, with diverse expertise ranging from Blockchain technology, software development, quantitative finance and algorithmic trading.
You can see the members of our team by visiting our main site or click here:
What is AIEVE?
AIEVE has been developed by PECULIUM. It's the first artificial intelligence trading engine targetting cryptocurrency markets. AIEVE can be considered as heart and engine of the PECULIUM project.
AIEVE is currently able to predict the price movements of cryptocurrencies every minute by providing forecasts with great precision. AIEVE uses Marchine Learning and continuously develops its skills and knowlege, learning from mistakes or market signals. It will ultimately be able to analyze data from crypto-markets, social media, news and any other relevant source.
The smart contracts based on Ethereum network provide transparency and trust for the PECULIUM investors.
AIEVE is a professional product. More information are available here aieve.
Tell me more about AIEVE ?
You can find all details available about our AI team, AIEVE and the products based on AIEVE here & Aieve
What are the services provided by PECULIUM ?
PECULIUM provides:
  • My PECULIUM account: it allows to buy, hold and sell PCL or other cryptocurrencies using Credit card, Bank transfer, or cryptocurrencies. More details are available here.
  • The Crypto Center: soon available (16 locations in Europe, and a shop in Shanghai), this physical shop will be the place where you can buy and sell the biggest crypto-currencies, get advice from experts and discuss the latest news in the crypto sphere with enthusiasts. You will find more details here here.
  • BeliEVE: the savings service that helps your capital grow. You will find more details here.
  • AskEVE: the decision support service for buying and selling crypto assets.
What are webinars?
A webinar is a live, virtual event that is executed online by our team. We cover a wide range of topics and attendees are able to ask questions and clarify doubts through Q&A. To see a list of upcoming webinars or watch the ones you missed, visit here:
How do I create a PECULIUM account?
All the needed information are available in this step-by-step guide.
How can I buy cryptocurrencies in MyAccount?
Ce guide has been documented to help you.
What are the fees applied to the Peculium services ?
The fees applied for the Crypto Center, BELIEVE and ASKEVE usage are available here here.
What does ASF ISIN mean?
ASF: Alterus Saving Fund manage the capital of our professional clients.
The International Securities Identification Number or ISIN is used worldwide to identify specific securities such as bonds, stocks (common and preferred), futures, warrants, rights, trusts, commercial paper and options. ISINs are assigned to securities to facilitate unambiguous clearing and settlement procedures.
How do I contact the Support Team?
You can reach our support team by sending an Email to [email protected]
You can contact us also through our website or social networks.
PECULIUM SAS 16 avenue de la Liberté 92000 – FRANCE
What is the smart contract address of PCL token?
The PCL smart contract address is: 0x1dbdf52915875f749cbaeaaf515252455b623f6e
You will be able to find a summary of the information about it by accessing it via Bscscan:
Can I find PECULIUM on CoinMarketCap?
You'll find more Information about PECULIUM on CoinMarketCap at the following address:

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