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Our Partners


Accuracy, 100% held by its partners, is the sole totally independent international player in its field of expertise providing advice to company management and shareholders (facts, figures, strategy).

Accuracy combines various areas of expertise to translate strategy into figures, understand them, analyse them, question them, verify their reliability and provide recommendations based on them. In this way, Accuracy’s teams help company management make effective decisions.

Accuracy provides its in-depth knowledge and expertise to its clients to help them face different situations: transactions, disputes, turnarounds, decisions.

Accuracy is present in 12 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and Africa and leads engagements all over the world. Accuracy counts 370 consultants, of which 47 partners.

Accuracy takes a strong interest in innovative technologies and stands ready to help our clients to obtain a better understanding of the relevant field. Accuracy believes in the potential of Blockchain technology. With its strong experience in strategy and finance, Accuracy creates a real added value for its clients in the Blockchain industry through day-to-day operations such as construction of business model, funding, token price projection, and many others.

They have a strong interest in cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology. Lately, they have been working closely with Peculium on the cryptocurrencies market analysis, the strategy roadmap, ICO management and financial token trajectory.

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Techracers is a blockchain solutions provider helping businesses transform the world in this new era of innovations. Their mission is to deliver innovative and end-to-end customized solutions in all aspects of the blockchain domain to retail businesses, healthcare providers, financial institutions, B2B companies, and blockchain and cryptocurrency startups.

Techracers has collaborated with Peculium in the Blockchain development and the smart contract audits.

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UpsilonData technologies prove to bring cost-cutting benefits. The speed of retrieving and processing data accelerates decision-making process. Big data analytics enable creating new products and services for target audience.

Data can be fractionated according to the sources from which it was retrieved.

If approached smartly, big data can become a competitive advantage to outperform the others and get the guidelines to create innovative products and services.

In the future, UpsilonData will provide us their OLAP Big Data motors as a solution of Analytics.

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