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The fuel of the PECULIUM Ecosystem

What is PCL?

PCL is an BEP-20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. BEP20 tokens are implemented as smart contracts that cannot be modified after they are launched. The number of tokens is fixed, thus, there cannot and will not be any inflation effect.

PCL is a utility token which enables access to our products or services.

More specifically, it allows users to access PECULIUM's different products

What are the features of PECULIUM products?

All PECULIUM products implement different management logics (i.e. investment strategies). They thus meet different needs (investment horizon, level of risk, size of capital, etc.) and are therefore aimed at different audiences. All products are driven by an artificial intelligence, AIEVE, developed by PECULIUM. By optimising their trading or investment strategies, AIEVE helps to maximize the return.

Who are the actors of the PECULIUM ecosystem and how does the token economy of PCL work?

Taking into account the fact that PCL is a utility token, different actors interact with it: whether for its utility or for its speculative value. The next section examines the typology in detail.

PECULIUM customers

PECULIUM's customers are private or professional individuals with saving to grow.
After identified a PECULIUM product compliant with them personal requirements, customers need PCL to access to it.
To use the full services of the AIEVE engine, customer must pay the performance using PCL as fees, or get a defined quantity PCL to hold.
Performance fees means, that if the customer doesn't make any profit, PECULIUM doesn't make any profit neither.

These customers are fuelling the demand of PCL tokens.
To satisfy the demand, PECULIUM customers have various solutions available:

  • get PCL on the secondary market (cryptocurrencies platform exchanges).
  • through the usage of a account, which simplifies buying on the secondary market. During limited period, it will also be possible to obtain PCL over-the-counter. (OTC)
  • (coming soon) by Crypto Centers (physical signs and site, which will allow to buy other cryptocurrencies on secondary market.

PECULIUM customers

PECULIUM company develops products dedicated to asset management, or to assist the investor in decision-making.
The user pay fees to use the PECULIUM products. These fees are paid in PCL and represent incomes for the PECULIUM company.
Thanks to the incomes, PECULIUM targets to get a corporate governance fully based on PCL in 2021. PECULIUM employees will be paid in PCL. When need the company to get FIAT money, PECULIUM will sell some PCL on secondary market, or using the over the counter selling method ("OTC").

PCL token owners
(“PCL holders”)

Because they are convinced of PECULIUM's token economy and PECULIUM's product excellence ( investors or supporters of the project ), for speculative reasons ( traders in PCL ), by their salary ( PECULIUM's team ), or defined at the creation of the smart contract ( PECULIUM fundation holds 200M PCL ), these actors have reserves of PCL. They provide most of the supply on the secondary market, through the exchange platforms.

How to determine the PCL value?

The value of PCL is affected by exchange rate fluctuations. It's called the 'secondary market' as dictated by the laws of supply and demand.

PCL always has a changing value relative to other currencies. This is referred to as a currency's exchange rate.

The trend of PCL value ( up and down ) will be the consequence of the supply and demand balance.

Increasing the demand

Obviously, the main demand comes in particular from PECULIUM customers.

The more the products and services meet the expectations of our customers, the more the number of users increases, which results in more fees and a rising value of PCL.

The new products to come, addressing different markets, will increase the demand as well.

The demand of PCL is growing steadily.

Progressively reducing the supply

Another mechanism implemented by PECULIUM aims to reduce the number of tokens in circulation. This mechanism is called "burn" of tokens.

PECULIUM aims to burn 25% of the total supply of PCL in the long run.

First of all, 25% of the fees being charged in form of PCL are “burned”. This mechanism leads to a gradual reduction of the the number of tokens available. This “burn” takes place once a quarter, on the fees collected during the previous quarter.

Each physical Crypto-Center store contributes to the withdrawal of PCL tokens from the market through two actions.

  • A cryptocenter manager must hold a certain amount of PCL to open a store. Our target is to open 16 stores in the medium term, which would correspond to a total of 320 million of PCL, 25% of this amount will be burned. The remaining 75% will be transmitted to PECULIUM foundation.
  • All Crypto-Center stores can carry out a "buy back" of tokens, ie they are able to buy back PCL from their own funds. 25% of those PCL tokens will also be burned (“buy-back-burn”).

Additionally, another mechanism will be implemented soon to carry out a continuous "buy-back-burn" (buy-back on the secondary market for withdrawal from the definitive market) through AIEVE Core product. The purpose of this mechanism is to capture parts of the value creation realized for other cryptocurrency systems and to re-inject it into the ecosystem of PECULIUM.

Control the token velocity

In the near future, PECULIUM will make products available whose access is specified by holding a minimum quantity of PCL, as long as the product is used.

This mechanism, called “hold”, has the effect of reduce the velocity of the token, and make positive effect on its value.


Through this presentation, the characteristics of PECULIUM token economy are identified.

All the key players in this business model, their relationship to PCL, as well as the complementary mechanisms retained by PECULIUM, will help to boost the whole ecosystem of the token (burn, hold & buy-back-burn).

You know everything you need about PECULIUM token economy now. We are happy to welcome you onboard.

PCL is an investment what comes along with risk of capital loss. Any investor should, before making any investment decisions, do diligent research first and analysis on the project. Only invest what you can afford to lose.