SINGULUS wallet will soon be available to download for Android and iOS. The SINGULUS wallet will not only provide you with real-time price forecasts of every major cryptocurrency, but it will also allow you to accomplish your trades directly and immediately via the App. This will not only help you to realize your trading decisions as fast a possible but also provide you the opportunity to pick the best price in real-time through API-integration of many Crypto-Exchanges.

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Take control of your Savings

Thanks to the first decentralized contract, provide you the best guidance for your savings. Indeed, SINGULUS is equipped with basic features such as risk management, security and stability to take control of your wallet.


Singulus is equipped by features that will allow you to maximise your savings at any moment.

Big Data

Possession of every essential data that can influence cryptocurrency.

Machine Learning

Understanding of every possibility in the market


Collection and comparison of all the pertinent data to anticipate the future.

Easy to use

All of our analysis summarized in one notification.


Increase your savings with only a few clicks.


Real stability in your savings.

Making Savings Simple for Everyone

  • Prepare yourself for a comfortable retirement
  • Build a better future for your loved ones
  • Save for that special event or vacation
  • Be ready in case of uncertainties


Preview of the Singulus interface

Home Screen




My Savings


My Contract